Here are Top Summer Car Care Products by PakWheels

Here are Top Summer Car Care Products by PakWheels

Summer is upon us and that is why we are here with the best summer products for your car from PakWheels. These items will help you maintain, care for, beautify and clean your vehicle in the heat. So, here is a list of these products, which you can easily find at PakWheels Auto Store with reasonable discounts and prices.

Carbon polymer coated car covers

Parking your car in the Pakistani summer heat is one of the hardest things to do as it not only causes the car to overheat to an unstable level but also ruins the paint color of the car. So, to keep your vehicle safe from this problem, we offer Carbon polymer coated car covers, which will help you to resist the heat and intense sunlight in the summer. PakWheels Auto Store is offering these covers for every car, starting at just Rs. 1450.

Car covers

Coolant radiator

As we all know that summer in Pakistan is tough not only on humans but also on cars. The issue of engine warm-up is very common in this season. The main reason for this heating is the use of tap water in the radiators in Pakistan. Not to worry, we are here with the solution, and offer Coolant radiator for you. This coolant will keep your engine cool at any temperature, leaving you with a smooth ride and engine running better. We offer a wide range of chillers at prices starting from just Rs. 450.

Coolant radiator

Car air freshener

The summer heat makes you and your car sweat – not literally – causing an unpleasant odor. And it’s hard to travel or drive a smelly car, so we offer a good selection of Car fresheners So you can drive and travel with fragrance, making the experience pleasant and memorable. The price of this product starts from Rs. 380, which means you can make your cabin a great nose treat for a very reasonable price. Also, these perfumes are available in different shapes, such as planes and helicopters.

car pressure washer

You like a clean car but don’t have time to go to a service station, or you don’t like wasting water doing a wash. Don’t worry, we have an excellent solution for you as we provide many solutions Car washers for you. With these, you can wash your car at home but with a professional clean and you won’t waste a lot of water. The price starts from Rs. 18,500 and is available in different sizes and colors.

pressure washer

Car dashboard covers

The dashboards of many cars tend to get cracks due to heat, or get dirty due to some spills and give a bad look to the whole interior. To solve this small but important problem, PakWheels offers a wide range of Car dashboard covers For You, Available in different shapes, colors and sizes with a starting price of Rs. 350. These covers will enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle and give it an excellent look.

Car dashboard covers

Car sunshades It is probably the most wanted items in Pakistan during the summer. They stop the heat and keep the driver and passenger safe from direct sunlight, making travel relatively easier. It also keeps your car a little cooler if it’s parked in direct sunlight. There are 494 types of car awnings available at the PakWheels store, with prices starting at Rs. 400.

Sun blinds for the car

car air compressor

This product is a lifesaver and helps you in times of emergency. Imagine you’re going somewhere, it’s hot, you’ve got a flat tire, and there’s no tire shop around. What do you do? You simply plug this in car air compressor With the tire, inflate it and get to a shop for a permanent puncture and repair. This will save you from the hassle of changing a tire and maintaining optimal tire pressure at any time. We offer 43 different types of air compressors, starting at just Rs. 400.

air compressor

Pain relief foaming gel

Each of us loves a comfortable ride, but an uncomfortable seat interferes with this. Solution? the Pain Relief Gel Foam Seat It will make your travel very comfortable and warm. It will keep your sitting position comfortable, helping you to travel long routes without any problems. This U-shaped foam seat has a free washable cover, allows air to circulate, and absorbs pressure points. You can buy it for just Rs. 4,643 compared to its old rate of Rs. 6,385 and we offer a 27% discount.

Foam gel seat

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