What Has Toyota Upgraded in Fortuner & Revo GR-S – First Look Review

What Has Toyota Upgraded in Fortuner & Revo GR-S - First Look Review

We’re back with our first look at the all-new sporty variants of the GR model Toyota Fortuner and the Hilux Revo. Toyota Gazoo Racing is a division of Toyota’s motorsports that develops standard Toyotas into “better” cars, and Toyota IMC has finally introduced its GR variants here in Pakistan. In this review, we will review the newly added features in the GR-S variants and test its engine.


This generation of Toyota Hilux Revo and Fortuner was a huge success in Pakistan and during its production period, Toyota has continuously made improvements to these cars. After debuting in 2016, the 2.8 1GD engine was introduced in 2018 on Revo and Fortuner. Then they had a facelift in 2021, receiving several changes, and then in 2022, top-of-the-range variants were added to the lineup, the Fortuner Legender and Revo Rocco. Now, in 2023, Toyota has introduced the GR sports cars, which again make up the high-spec variants of these cars.

Exterior changes in the Fortuner GR-S

The front look of the Fortuner GR-S has been updated with a redesigned bumper. The shape of the radiator grille is now different, with more aggressive edges. The fog lamp housing and blacked-out skid plate have also been changed. The headlights are split LED lights the same as those on the Legender. The sides are now darkened, with all chrome trim now in body color and gloss black. The real highlight, however, are the dark gray 18-inch alloys and red GR brake calipers, which add a sporty touch. The rear hasn’t changed much except for the body color, Fortuner spelling on it, and the glossy black rear diffuser. GR badging is now added to the front and rear bumpers as well.

Fortuner GR-S interior changes

Sitting in the Fortuner GR-S, the first change you feel is the suede and leather GR seats that are now well-cushioned. The cabin is completely blacked out, including the seats, with red stitching all around. GR badges are everywhere, just to remind you that it’s no ordinary Fortuner. Smoked chrome rims are now added, which add a very distinctive touch. The steering wheel is also stitched in red with a prominent GR badge. Furthermore, the instrument cluster has also changed with the red dials and GR animation. The center panel, which was previously wooden, is now made of carbon fiber, and the pedals are made of metal.

Exterior changes Revo GR-S

The front look of the Revo GR-S looks very distinctive now, mainly because of the massive black grille with the Toyota shown now. The Rocco’s matte black trim has now been replaced by gloss black trim on the GR-S. On the sides, you see the same alloys found on the Fortuner GR-S; 18-inch dark gray wheels with red GR brake calipers. The trailing fenders were now gloss black, however the chrome was deleted from the sides. The deck tape is glossy black, and now with lights, you can turn it on and off from the inside. The rear features a gloss black bumper with GR badging scattered throughout the car’s exterior.

Revo GR-S interior changes

As with the Fortuner, the Revo GR-S’s interior also features new GR seats with contrast suede and leather. The interior is all black with red stitching denoting GR. The steering wheel is red stitched, and the instrument panel also features red dials. The main change is that the Revo GR-S has paddle shifters that will enhance driving pleasure for many drivers. In addition, the infotainment screen has been upgraded with a new red and black interface that now includes Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Other than that, the basic features are the same as the standard Revo.


Now behind the wheels of these two cars, the powertrain hasn’t changed as no engine upgrades have been made for the GR-S variants. Although one mechanical change was made to both cars, the addition of monotube shock absorbers. Often used in racing and performance cars, these shock absorbers use gas pressure to absorb shocks. With this addition, the stability of the GR-S variants feels even better, and the suspension’s response over potholes and uneven roads is even better. These shock absorbers will also help with high-speed stability, providing stiffness.


As of now, the Fortuner GR-S is priced at PKR 21,089,000 while the Revo GR-S is priced at PKR 16,149,000.

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