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How to Pay PTA Mobile Registration Online in 2023

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In This Post:How to Pay PTA Mobile Tax OnlineLatest Mobile Tax Rates in Pakistan After owning a used, refurbished, or imported mobile device in Pakistan, the very first […]

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Bike Registration Check in Pakistan: Step-By-Step Guide

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In This Post:Online Bike Registration CheckBike Registration Number Check Via AppBike Verification on SMS Visiting Excise Office Have you recently owned a bike and want to check its ownership […]

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PTA Mobile Registration: Fee, Taxes, Verification & More

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– Latest Updates on PTA Mobile Registration– Why Register Your Phone?– PTA Mobile Registration Process– Paying Duty/Taxes to PTA– What to Do When a Phone is Blocked?– How […]

Laws & Taxes / laws and taxes / nadra cnic tracking / NADRA CNIC verification / NADRA CNIC Verification Portal / nadra online verification / nadra record search by cnic number / Nadra tracking id / Nadra verification system / nadra Verification through SMS check / Real Estate / Verifying a CNIC in Pakistan / Verifying a CNIC in Pakistan via NADRA / Verifying a CNIC in Pakistan via NADRA CNIC Verification Portal / verisys services / Who Uses NADRA CNIC Verification Portal?

Online NADRA CNIC Verification Portal: Registration, Verification, & More

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In This Post: Registering at NADRA Online PortalVerifying a CNIC via NADRA Identity ProductsUsage of NADRA Online Verification UPDATE (March, 2023): The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) launched […]

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Track Your NADRA CNIC Record Through This Guide

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In this BlogNADRA Record Search by CNIC NumberNADRA CNIC Record Verification Via SMSOnline NADRA CNIC Record CheckHow to Check Your Fingerprint Record Online With the help of modern-day […]

Am I eligible to pay Zakat? / calculate your Zakat / calculating your assets and liabilities / calculating zakat / gold Nisab / how to calculate Zakat / Islamic tax / Laws & Taxes / laws and taxes / Real Estate / recipients of Zakat / silver Nisab / the Nisab for Zakat / the rate of Zakat / which Nisab to choose? / who should Zakat be given to? / zakat calculation formula / Zakat Nisab in Pakistan / Zakat rate in Pakistan / zakat rules

Calculate Your Zakat the Right Way in 2023

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IN THIS POST:– Eligibility of Zakat as per the Nisab– How to Calculate the Nisab– Assets to be Included– Liabilities to Exclude– How to Calculate Your Zakat– Recipients […]