Holy 10 bemoans Takura’s ‘death’

Hip Hop sensation Holy 10 has bemoaned Takura’s decision to kill his music career after the latter made a shocking announcement a few days ago.

The ‘Ndicharamba Ndichipisa’ hitmaker made the plight in a lengthy Instagram post saying that Takura remains an inspiration to the music journey.

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Takura has been an anchor on the Zimbabwean music scene, Holy 10 revealed in his message.

He also acknowledged Takura’s way of handling his career, steering away from controversy and every other publicity stunt adopted by many musicians, including Holy 10, when marketing their music.

“They’ve normalized publicity stunts before they roll out their projects (probably my fault) so I’m just hoping its one of those.
But you’ve never had to be dramatic to drop anything. Never had to beef with anyone. I’ve seen snippets take flight before you even release the official song. You’re the man they’ve never said apera uyo
Growing up we paid attention to your Hip Hop, you’re the man that really changed everything
Please don’t hang those boots! We still need your music

Holy 10 Takura

Last week, Takura pulled a shocker after he suddenly announced his decision to retire from music. In a heartfelt post on his Instagram Stories, the ‘Haroore’ hitmaker explained that he felt it was time to step away from music. While he didn’t delve into the specific reasons for his departure, he expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support of his loyal fan base.

if you know me then you know how heartbreaking this is for me to do, but I think its time I hang the boots… its been a great ride and I’m grateful for each and every one of you who was rooting for me. Can’t say much rn because I would be speaking from a place of pain… what i will say though is never stop riding for your loved ones…Ever. I love you 4L,” Takura announced on his Instagram story

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