South Africans, Nigerians at each other’s throats over Tyla’s hit song ‘Water’

South Africans and Nigerians are once again butting heads on social media over music. Earlier this year, the two country’s went face to face over the origin of amapiano and who has the biggest musicians. This time they are clashing after SA-born star Tyla tweeted about sending her hit song Water from South Africa to the world.

This did not sit well with Nigerian X users who quickly headed to the comment section to demand that she credit their country for the sound of the song. This instantly sparked a debate between them and South African app users.

It has become very evident that Nigerian social media users and South African don’t get along much — especially on X (formerly Twitter).

Earlier this year, an online war broke out over the origin of the music genre after US musician Swae-Lee credited the West African country for the genre.

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He was later forced to apologise after South Africans and Nigerians started getting at each others throats in numerous tweets.

And now they are once again butting heads after South African-born singer Tyla tweeted, “South Africa to the world”.

The tweet comes after the success of her single Water which is currently breaking a number of records in the US.

Nigerians in the comment section were quick to claim that they too should be given a shoutout because according to them, the song uses Nigerian sound.

“Bro you used Nigerian sound so be give us to the world. What is South Africa?” one person wrote. Another said:

“Nigerians paved the way, South Africans should be grateful.”

Soon many South Africans shared their thoughts while asking how exactly Tyla used Nigerian sound.

“What did Nigerians do for tyla, I’m confused,” one local wrote while another said:

“What did Nigeria do for South Africa that its people feel like it paved the way for South Africa? I’m genuinely lost. Educate me, please…And if it’s true, why is there such a huge population of Nigerians in South Africa? Just a serious question from someone who is confused”

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