TikToker jailed 2 years for insulting president

Ana da Silva Miguel, the TikTok sensation better known as Neth Nahara, has found herself in troubleafter being handed a two-year prison sentence for, wait for it, “insulting” none other than Angola’s head honcho, President João Lourenço.

At first, they served her a six-month sentence back in August, which, apparently, was just too lenient. The prosecution just went, “Oh no, we mustn’t be too soft on Ms. Miguel,” and now she’s got two years to ponder her TikTok opinions.

How did she insult the president you wonder?

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Well Neth Nahara, with her army of over 230,000 followers, accused the President of causing “anarchy, disorganization, and leading a retrogressive Government.”

To top it off she went on to accuse him of the lack of schools, housing, and jobs in the land of black gold, Angola.

I guess not everyone likes being told the truth. In Kenya, our politicians, including the president either log off social media, cook up lies, or insult us back while in rallies as they respond to the launched allegations,

The court cited her words as ‘offensive’ – perhaps they need some sass lessons – and noted her significant influence on public opinion.

Besides the sentence, she has also been ordered to pay the president $1200 (Sh.180k) dollars for the “damage” caused to his reputation.

And now it appears the ruling is as final as a high note in a Whitney Houston song because, and Neth will be behind bars for the two years handed as in Angola, you can only appeal if your sentence exceeds three years.

She, however, did give it a shot citing she was a first-time offender, regretted her remarks, and was a mother to young children, all of which fell on deaf ears.

President Lourenço, who won himself a second term in a nail-biting election last year, has managed to keep his party’s rule going for decades, MPLA Party has been in power in Angola since 1975.


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