Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ assistant director sentenced in fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins

Firearm charge dropped against Alec Baldwin in Rust shooting

“Rust” co-director Dave Holz He was sentenced Friday after he pleaded no contest.

A misdemeanor plea for negligence in the use of a deadly weapon entered the halls. Judge Mary Marlowe Sommer accepted the petition. The prosecution requested a suspended sentence, which is a conviction.

Halls’ lawyer argued that his sentence should be delayed. Lisa Turaco explained that Halls had no control over how individuals approached safety on set.

“In his mind, he was looking for mock rides or voids,” she explained. “He, like many others, is deeply traumatized.” She added that he “feels guilty”.

She asserted that Hulse came to court early and pleaded no contest so that everyone could move on and begin to process what happened.

Alec Baldwin and Dave Holz allegedly handled the gun the day Halena Hutchins was murdered.

Alec Baldwin and Dave Holz allegedly handled the gun the day Halena Hutchins was murdered. (instagram | AP Photo / Jae C. Hong | IMDB)

However, Sommer was not convinced and was given a suspended prison sentence. The assistant principal would not serve jail time and was instead given six months of unsupervised probation.

Halls’ test includes testifying truthfully at any trials or hearings, a $500 fine, participation in a firearm safety course with proof of completion within 60 days of his request, agreement to bear responsibility, compliance with state and local laws, and no eating alcohol, for 24 hours. Community service and not contacting any witnesses or potential defendants.

Halls’ original session was scheduled for March 29.

District Attorney in Alec ‘Rust’ Baldwin Makes Major Announcement About Prosecution

Halls and brigade agent They reached a plea agreement on January 20.

Halls was one of three people charged in connection with Hutchins’ death.

Alec Baldwin and gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez Reid have been charged with first degree murder.

Alec Baldwin will resume filming "Rust" In the spring in Montana at the Yellowstone Filming Ranch.

Alec Baldwin will resume filming “Rust” in the spring in Montana at Yellowstone Filming Ranch. (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department)

Halls allegedly handed Baldwin a . 45-caliber handgun, telling him it was “cold” or safe. Prior to that, Gutierrez Reed had rolled the cylinder to show Halls what was in the gun, her attorney had previously said.

Keep Baldwin That he never pulled the trigger of a gun — once during a prime-time interview shortly after the fatal shooting and again on a podcast episode. The actor originally said that he pulled the gun’s hammer as far as possible and fired it, but did not pull the trigger.

Hales’ lawyer earlier alleged that the assistant principal did not turn the gun over to Baldwin, despite search warrants confirming he told police he did.

“This idea of ​​my client grabbing a gun and handing it to Baldwin just didn’t materialize,” Lisa Turraco said shortly after the shooting during an appearance on “The Story.” She later dodged questions during the interview about whether Hales had turned the gun over to Baldwin, although Martha McCallum asked if Halles “didn’t know if he had turned the gun over to Alec Baldwin”.

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Alec Baldwin makes a gun with his fingers while talking to the detectives who follow "Rust" Filming a movie that claimed the life of cinematographer Helena Hutchins in October 2021.

Alec Baldwin makes a gun with his fingers while talking to detectives after filming “Rust,” which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in October 2021. (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office)

the Hutchins death investigation It lasted for more than a year.

Cases have also plagued the prosecution as attorneys for Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed fight for a fair trial.

Recently, Attorney General Mary Carmack Altoys resigned as attorney general after Gutierrez Reed’s attorney, Jason Bowles, argued that she could not serve as co-counsel alongside a special prosecutor under New Mexico law.

In response, two new special prosecutors were appointed to the case – Carrie Morrissey and Jason Lewis.

Heather Brewer, a spokeswoman for the first district attorney for the New Mexico judicial district, said in a deposition.

Formerly New Mexico State Representative Andrea Ripp Special Prosecutor before she stepped down On March 14th.

Baldwin’s attorneys filed a motion arguing that Ripp’s appointment was unconstitutional and that she could not serve as both a legislator and attorney general under New Mexico law.

A preliminary hearing for Dwayne and Gutierrez-Reed is scheduled to begin May 3.

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