‘Amazing’ police response to Nashville shooting leaves even skeptical media in ‘awe’

Montage: Nashville police response wins widespread media praise

Police and law enforcement officials have gone into a bind in the national media in recent years, with headlines and discussions dominated by stories such as the shooting by officers, the killing of George Floyd, the fatal beating of Nichols’ photos, and the bad reaction to the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas.

So when the police responded quickly and killed the mass shooter in Covenant School This week, the emphatic media praise was noteworthy.

“These officers have, basically, revived the profession,” Ted Williams, a Fox News contributor and former homicide detective, told Fox News Digital. “You can see when you watch the video that these officers in Nashville are well trained, well prepared, and are putting their lives on the line to bring this killer to justice.”

“This may be the backbone that puts police officers in a different light than we saw in the George Floyd case, where there was a police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck,” Williams said. “What we saw in Nashville is what’s going on across this country as police officers work and the work that they do [often] The audience didn’t see it…we could see the police officers acting fast to bring down this whole shooter. So I’m glad law enforcement officers are getting the recognition they so well deserve.”

The quick response from Nashville police officers to the private Christian Academy shooting drew praise and gratitude from members of the mainstream and liberal media, who called the cops “heroes,” with one network anchor saying she was in “awe.”

Officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo neutralized the killer, who had already killed six people, including three children.

Tennis shooting: Nashville police release security camera foot from Covenant School attack that left 6 dead

CBS news anchor Gail King CBS Morning’s coverage of the shooting was suspended on Wednesday to pay tribute to the two police officers who appeared in the “fix” camera footage.

Bodycamera footage shows Nashville Police Department officers responding to Covenant School in Nashville after 28-year-old Audrey Hill opened fire.

Bodycamera footage shows Nashville Police Department officers responding to Covenant School in Nashville after 28-year-old Audrey Hill opened fire. (Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

“I think we have to say something about these officers,” King said. “There’s been a lot of negativity about police officers in the news and just on air. These two officers, Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo — if you haven’t seen the three-minute video that was released, it’s eye-opening.”

“My heart started racing because these guys clearly had a system. As soon as they heard the gunshots, they ran to the gunfire… There was no hesitation, knowing their lives were in danger, and I think the majority of police officers act the way these two do.” The two persons.

She added, “It shows the important work they’re doing. I’m in awe.”

“That’s what courage is,” said fellow CBS host Tony Dokoupil.

Carmen Best, a retired Seattle police chief and law enforcement analyst for MSNBC, called the department’s quick response “the exact opposite” of the response to the horrific mass shooting in Uvalde. Although there were some major differences in attitudes, Uvalde police were heavily criticized for not directly confronting the killer for more than an hour.

“We saw officers immediately respond to the scene, form contact teams, and enter the building — by the way, under a hail of bullets coming out of the school,” Best said. They passed by and searched the school. When they heard where the shots were coming from, they [they] He immediately went to that location and finally terminated the threat.”

CBS anchor Gayle King said she was in "awe" From the Nashville Police.

CBS anchor Gayle King said she was “in awe” of the Nashville police. (Michelle Crowe/CBS via Getty Images)

Nashville school shooting: Officers who shot cover shooting identified

MSNBC anchor Jose Diaz-Balart agreed with the retired law enforcement officer’s assessment that the Nashville response was much faster than the police response to Uvalde.

“They didn’t stop. They went straight after their target,” he said.

While covering the shooting Tuesday, CNN reporter Amara Walker broadcast body cam footage showing cops killing the killer, and said the officers are “truly heroes.”

During NBC Nightly News’ coverage of the shooting Tuesday night, anchor Lester Holt praised the officer’s quick response. He initially described their heroism, saying that “the police officers who responded first encountered gunfire and entered the school and advanced from room to room, located the suspect and shot and killed him.”

Later on NBC’s coverage, he commented that “it was amazing how quickly those officers moved into that school.”

Even satirical websites got into the action; The right-leaning newspaper Babylon Bee ran a joke article about Vladimir Putin’s surrender in the Ukraine war after Nashville police were airdropped in the conflict.

Besides a Rise in violent crimeOver the past decade, policing has remained under the microscope as never in recent memory, prompting officers to leave the profession in unprecedented numbers. While the horrific tragedy in Nashville overshadowed their heroism, the incident was a rare moment of police positivity.

Officer Rex Engelbert, third from left, was among a group of Central Precinct officers identified last week with a "Central District Commander's Coin for their hard work and dedication to meticulous policing."

Officer Rex Engelbert, third from left, was among a group of Central Precinct officers honored last week with the “Central District Commander’s Coin for their hard work and dedication to meticulous policing.” (Nashville Metro Police Department)

Media mockery of prayer, anti-Christian ‘graceful smirks’ refer to coverage of Nashville massacre

Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​on Tuesday and recounted the officers’ bravery.

“They trained for it. And this moment happened and they didn’t hesitate at all,” he said.

ABC News contributor John Cohen, veteran police training expert, said the police There did “exactly what we hope those who have placed the badge will do when faced with a situation as dangerous as an active shooter”.

Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports tweeted: “When cops get it wrong, we never hear the end of it. Sometimes it’s right. But let’s just make sure the heroic deeds of @MNPDNashville are spoken out loud.” “Running without hesitation in the active shooter position is an s-t hero. Thank you to all the officers who risked their lives.”

Former FBI agent James Gagliano called the police’s performance a model for the rest of the nation.

“The police response to a deadly active shooter in Nashville was the absolute ‘textbook example’ of how law enforcement can be expected to move quickly and efficiently to intercept bad guys seeking to kill innocents,” Gagliano told Fox News Digital. “Let’s hope this serves as a model for any future response efforts and muffles activist ‘noise’ from those who constantly seek to demonize, discredit and defund our heroic first responders.”

Fraternal Order of the Police Vice National Vice President Joe Gmaldi called the public support “very encouraging” and also added a reminder to those who still support the so-called defund the police, a far-right pet project that

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“It was a stark reminder to the audience of the courage of the brave men and women in law enforcement. That we will willingly run into the gunfire, into the danger, to protect our communities,” he told Fox News Digital. “This event was also a reminder to every idiot calling for defunding the police or ‘reallocating’ funding away from police departments, that they are calling for cutting training, equipment, and heroic officers who have saved countless lives.”

Fox News’ Brian Flood and Courtney O’Brien contributed to this report.

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