April showers bring Fox Nation subscribers a fresh rundown of spring specials: Here’s what to watch

Pete Hegseth visits Jerusalem to retrace Jesus Christ’s crucial life steps

Fox Nation is celebrating the much-anticipated warm weather with a New rundown of Fox Nation Specials!

Fox Nation is diving deeper into the curious world of space with its new shows “Abby Goes to Space Camp” and “Billionaire Space Race.”

This April, subscribers can also look forward to Pete Hegseth’s “The Life of Jesus Part Two: God Save Us,” “Who is Taylor Swift?” along with episodes of “Scandal: WACO”.

Who is Taylor Swift?

Grammy recipient, record breaker, and global superstar. Taylor Swift music transcendent species and generations, It seems not even close to being finished.

In the wake of her world tour, Fox Nation is taking a closer look at Swift’s life, pulling back the curtain on the remarkable highs and lows of the pop star’s personal and professional career.

Taylor Swift returns to the stage with a three-hour, 44-song epic with the launch of the Ages Tour

In the latest Fox Nation special, “Who is Taylor Swift?” Subscribers get an exclusive peak on how she went from a young aspiring country artist to a global icon.

In our April Fox Nation rundown, subscribers can look forward to watching "Who is Taylor Swift?" which is scheduled to start on April 5, 2023.

In this April recap from Fox Nation, subscribers can look forward to watching “Who Is Taylor Swift?” which is scheduled to start on April 5, 2023. (Fox News)

The Life of Jesus Part 2: God Saves Us

In “The Life of Jesus Part 2: God Save Us,” host Pete Hegseth and pastor Chris Durkin travel through the Holy Lands of Jerusalem to Follow the steps of Jesus During his last week on earth: where he was healed, where he died, and where he was resurrected.

Jesus’ ministry culminates in the most important week in human history – Holy Week. Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry, betrayal, crucifixion, and resurrection from the tomb. The majority of the written Gospels, as documented in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, recount the last week of Jesus’ life, which he spent in Jerusalem. Seven days that changed the world.

In this Fox Nation exclusive, Hegseth takes viewers around the world on an unlikely journey of faith.

A Pete Hegseth movie is set to be released

Pete Hegseth’s “The Life of Jesus Part II: God Save Us” and “Abby Goes to Space Camp” are set to be released in April, exclusively to Fox Nation subscribers. (Fox News)

Abby goes to space camp

In this exclusive special on Fox Nation, host Abby Hornacek takes you on a tour An out of this world experience Which can only be found in Huntsville Alabama, now known as “Rocket City”.

Huntsville is home to the world’s largest space museum, where you can simulate space missions, walk in zero gravity, and even take a ride on the landmark attraction – the multi-axis trainer.

WEBB TELESCOPE captures burning space, galaxies billions of light-years away

In this special, Fox Nation subscribers can have some fun, learn something new, and see what it’s like to become an astronaut without leaving this planet.

Hear Abby Hornacek venture outside of this world adventure that debuts April 10th!

Billionaire Space Race

Continuing Fox Nation’s “Space Week,” the platform is launching the “Billionaire Space Race,” giving viewers an investigative look at the space sector. business side.

The first space race was a Cold War battle between ideologies – capitalism vs. communism. This time, there is money to be made. And lots of it. In an effort to make big financial gains, the private sector is leading the way in the space race, but the price of entry to this game is steep.

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Three exceptional players in the business are fighting for a share of a very large market, which we call “space”. In this special, viewers can dive deep into the ongoing outer space business adventure of Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk.

Scandal: Waco

On the 30th anniversary of the Siege of Waco, Fox Nation deconstructs the lies and corruption that occurred throughout the 51-day hellish holdout between illegally armed Branch Davidians and federal officers.

Trump prepares for the 2024 race in Waco, Texas amid an ongoing federal investigation, a possible New York indication

In an effort to figure out what went wrong leading to one of the biggest gunfights in American history–and its tragic aftermath–Fox Nation brings viewers on a three-episode special that exposes the dark truths of the event that shook the nation.

On the 40th anniversary of the disastrous 51-day siege, a song will sound

On the 40th anniversary of the disastrous 51-Day Siege, “Scandal: Waco” will be released for the first time in April, (Fox News)

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