Chicago firefighter charged with allegedly pimping prostitute out of his apartment: report

A firefighter in Chicago, Illinois He was arrested Friday on charges of soliciting prostitution from his apartment on Chicago’s North Side, according to reports.

Fox 32 in Chicago It reported that in 2020, the Internal Affairs Division of the Chicago Fire Department opened an investigation of 37-year-old Brendan Kennedy Gassor, a member of the department.

Brendan Kennedy Gassor has been accused of allegedly promoting prostitution.

Brendan Kennedy Gassor has been accused of allegedly promoting prostitution. (Chicago Police Department)

Kennedy Gassor allegedly sent sexual messages from his apartment on W. Bryn Mawr Street in the northern part of Chicago.

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The news station said Arrest report accusing Kennedy Gassor From instructing a 23-year-old woman from Denver to charge men in exchange for sexual massages, sometimes with sexual favors.

Kennedy Gasseur is accused of telling the woman to charge $150 per half-hour session and $200 per full hour, and police said he would receive half or $50 per client of all money raised.

File- Police warning tape at the crime scene.

File- Police warning tape at the crime scene. (iStock)

He allegedly placed paid massage advertisements on websites such as Adultlook and Adultsearch, and had the men call the number on the advertisement to set up appointments.

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Of the 40-50 sessions in which the victim was involved, she told police she was paid $400 to perform a sexual act with a client, and Kennedy Gasseur got half of it.

Police said that all of the sessions took place at Kennedy’s apartment while Gasior was at the apartment.

After the internal affairs conducted the investigation, the division informed the anti-trafficking team and Kennedy Gassor was arrested.

He is expected to appear in court on Thursday, March 30.

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The Chicago Fire Department did not immediately respond to inquiries as to what led to the investigation and whether Kennedy Gasseur was suspended with or without pay.

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