DA Alvin Bragg’s chief prosecutor said criminals aren’t ‘bad dudes,’ ripped ‘racist’ justice system

Jim Jordan: What changed in Alvin Bragg

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin BraggThe chief prosecutor has argued for the incorporation of critical race theory ideology into the criminal justice system as part of a “new model for prosecution,” while claiming that criminals are not necessarily “bad guys,” Fox News Digital finds.

Senior District Attorney Meg Reese was brought into the Prague office in January 2022. Reese has said repeatedly that she is trying to “actually change … the understanding people have about prosecution”, including their views on violence.

So one of the first things [to] Do is change the language: “evil man.” What does it mean? What are the circumstances of that person who comes to criminal justice system in the first place? What is that person’s background? ”

Meg Reese is Alvin Bragg's chief prosecutor.

Meg Reese is Alvin Bragg’s lead prosecutor. (GT)

She continued, “And is there an alternative solution for that person other than incarceration? So I mean, one of the primary places we have to start is what does that mean, ‘bad guy?'” “

street. Luis D debunked ‘aggressive’ racist IP agendas in everyday prosecution decisions using a SOROS-LINKED ORG

As part of this racial equality mission, the Institute for Prosecution Innovation has suggested that prosecutors should deliberately undercut the charges brought by police officers.

As part of Reiss’ goals to fundamentally change the criminal justice system, Reiss established the Institute for Prosecution Innovation in 2016 at John Jay College, which partners with prosecutors’ offices, including the Manhattan DA, to investigate Racial justice reforms Rooted in the ideology of critical race theory. She left in 2018, and is listed as a leader in several reports regarding their agenda.

The institute believes in an ideological approach to litigation that takes historical factors into account. For example, the institute argued in a report, signed with Reese’s name, that prosecutors should focus on “acknowledging our nation’s shameful history of slavery and racism that continues to cast a shadow over the criminal justice system.”

As part of this racial equality mission, the Iraqi Islamic Party suggested that prosecutors should do so Intentionally undermining the charges of police officers Move forward.

“Your charging authority gives you the ability to check and balance certain police actions,” said IIP. “Learn about the systems emanating from your office that may perpetuate racial disparities in the justice system, and take steps in your office to counter those trends.”

Illinois County Rules for ‘Racial Equality’ in Criminal Justice System with CRT-Towned Organization: ‘Unprecedented’

Former President Donald J. Trump faces possible indictment from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Former President Donald J. Trump faces possible indictment from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. (Photo by Shane Bevel/NCAA via Getty Images/Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Prague’s president said she believes all prosecutors have a “responsibility” to fix it.collective prison A term that critics believe is the overuse of detention centers that disproportionately affects minorities, even before they have been convicted of a crime.

Accordingly, the IIP has suggested that prosecutors should only “use all available evidence to prove the case in criminal court” for “serious offences”, and should selectively choose not to enforce the law on certain offences.

However, Reese appears to take a different view when it comes to police officers’ allegations of misconduct or excessive force. It said prosecutors should take a more robust role in police investigations to combat “the process … which has been impeded by systemic racist policies and practices”.

“There seems to be an inescapable conclusion: the path toward accountability … must … confront the injustices that arise from systemic racism, past and present,” she said.

She lamented the “1,000 lives… lost at the hands of US law enforcement each year” and criticized “the public, the media, and, often, jury panels.” [who] They tend to provide the benefit of the doubt to law enforcement while criminalizing the dead.”

Another IIP report, listed as Reiss and Bragg, stated that a prosecution unit should be set up solely to focus on charging officers.

NYPD officers gather in Brooklyn to pay their final respects to 26-year-old Officer Adeed Faiz, who was murdered earlier this year.

NYPD officers gather in Brooklyn to pay their final respects to 26-year-old Officer Adeed Faiz, who was murdered earlier this year. (NYPD)

Regarding the defendants, Rees said: “Critical to this shift is acknowledging the humanity of each person before them and embracing Restorative approachCorrectional approaches find alternatives to imprisonment.

Reese seems to believe that a “restorative” approach can address some cases of assault.

“We know in our abuse cases, most of the time it’s with people who know each other. So…we really think restorative practice is the answer now,” she said.

Restorative practices are the antidote, so to speak, toSystematic racismMike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation said, “This critical race theorist claims it has plagued America.

POLITICO changes its headline on Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan from “BY-THE-BOOK” to “LIBERAL”

Critics believe the policies advocated by plaintiffs like Reese are disastrous for public safety. Reese denies that her policies to reduce incarceration affect crime rates.

A spokesperson for the Prague office issued a statement to Fox News Digital, saying, “Reese is a former homicide prosecutor who has worked collaboratively with all stakeholders throughout the criminal justice system and has been in the public service for decades. She is a highly respected attorney who ensures that every A case based on facts and law.”

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Bragg’s office has been in the spotlight as it leads a financial hush-hush investigation that could lead to an indictment of former President Donald Trump. If the Prague office were to file charges, it would be the first time a US president, former or current, has been charged with a crime. Trump has accused Bragg, a Democrat, of political bias against him.

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