DC Democrat demands answers on US attorney not prosecuting criminals in nation’s capital: ‘I’m pissed’

A lifelong Washington D.C. Democrat has expressed outrage over a new report showing US Attorney for the District of Columbia It refused to prosecute the vast majority of the arrests that took place in the capital last year.

D.C. District Commissioner Dennis Rucker Cribb (D) joined.”Fox and friendsAs the city’s crime statistics increased in 2023.

“I’m angry,” Cribb said Thursday.

“We have 52 murders this year, 42 sexual assaults, 628 carjackings, 150 auto thefts. So crime is up overall 22%. We have a US attorney in Washington, D.C., who is definitely choosing not to prosecute. This problem “.

Rand Paul talks about the attacker who stabbed employees as victims fighting for life

U.S. Attorney General Matthew Graves, appointed by President Biden, has refused to prosecute 67% of the city’s arrests in 2021. While critics argue that Graves leaves criminals on the street, he claims the majority of refusals relate to nonviolent crimes, such as gun possession, drug possession, and robbery. .

Cribb has been an outspoken critic of the escalation of crime and of the D.C. Council’s attempts to reform the city’s criminal code to reduce penalties for certain crimes. Biden signed legislation last week that Revoke the suggested changesIt was a move that Republicans applauded.

“I had someone commit a carjacking in front of my house,” Cribb asked. “I’ve killed two men a block from my house in the last two years. And we have an American lawyer who refuses to prosecute? Why?”

“I know what I’m doing, and I’ll take a look at it [Graves] And you go, “No, I don’t think you know what you’re doing. I don’t think you understand that people are afraid to go out on their streets.”

D.C. Council President Phil Mendelsohn says there is no crime crisis in Washington, D.C

D.C. Council President Phil Mendelsohn says there is no crime crisis in Washington, D.C (House Oversight Committee)

The astonishing report came as DC’s board chairman He testified in Congress Wednesday That there is no “crime crisis” in the nation’s capital as House Republicans launch an offensive against the city’s police reform bill.

The testimony came in the wake of the brutal attack on a staff member of Republican Sen. Rand Paul, which left them in the hospital with serious injuries after they were stabbed by a man recently released from prison.

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“when [D.C. Council Chairman] Cribb replied that Mendelsohn was saying yesterday, there was a double shooting with one dead and there was a carjacking about a mile from the Capitol. “I open my door to autojacking.”

“We need to have multiple hearings on the US Attorney General and we’re demanding a lot of answers right now,” she added. “Carjacking in front of people’s homes, carjackings in front of the Capitol Building, murders in front of people’s homes…we’ve got to do better than this.”

Fox News’ Anders Hagström and Thomas Wieben contributed to this report.

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