Educating Congress on AI capabilities, regulation could be a ‘heavy lift’: U.S. senator

As tech experts sound the alarm about advanced AI, lawmakers in Congress are divided over how much the federal government can regulate AI platforms.

“I think it’s important for government to regulate these programmes,” said Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost. “This is one of the primary jobs of the federal government, to help protect consumers and the data and privacy of our citizens.”

MP Maxwell Frost said it was important for the government to regulate AI platforms, though he also admitted that it was not "Super briefed" on the platforms.

MP Maxwell Frost said it was important for the government to regulate AI platforms, though he also admitted he was not “well informed” about the platforms. (John Michael Rush/Fox News Digital)

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Frost The first Gen Z candidate. He was elected to Congress, and he also said that he is not familiar with many new AI platforms.

Sen. Cynthia Loomis said she had previous experience trying to pass the legislation Cryptocurrency I explained to her that it takes time to educate Senators and their staff about technological capabilities and how to balance innovation with consumer protection.

“So I would say if you applied the same logic to AI and its capabilities, it would be a heavy burden,” said the Wyoming Republican.

Can our government regulate artificial intelligence?


tech giants, including Elon Musk, Sign an open letter He urged AI labs to halt development of advanced systems, warning that “systems with human-competitive intelligence could pose profound risks to society and humanity.”

But MP Victoria Spartz said that “government-regulated monopolies are the most dangerous entity”.

The Indiana Republican continued that many of the regulations “actually inhibit innovation and inhibit small business and entrepreneurship.” “So I think we need to be careful before we decide what to do, but I think the legal framework needs to be improved.”

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green says she is "I'm not a big fan of artificial intelligence."

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene says she is “not a huge fan of artificial intelligence.” (John Michael Rush/Fox News Digital)

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MP Marjorie Taylor-Green said she believed the government was equipped to regulate AI if needed, but conceded the technology was “really ahead” of lawmakers. Green said artificial intelligence is already being used as a “weapon”. deepfake images and prank phone calls.

“We need to catch up and make sure we’re doing a good job here so that no one gets hurt or continues to be a victim of AI scams, or those phone calls, but any other risk that could happen to AI,” the Republican said.

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