Exclusive Photos – Markhor Inspired Yamaha YBR125G

Exclusive Photos – Markhor Inspired Yamaha YBR125G

Earlier in a blog, we informed you regarding Yamaha Pakistan’s new cosmetic adventure – revealing the new YBR125G taking clues from the country’s national animal ‘Markhor’.

While this unveiling sparked anticipation among motorcycle enthusiasts, the reality of the new model may leave some underwhelmed, as it primarily features graphical enhancements rather than substantial mechanical and structural changes.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the exclusive photos of the new two-wheeler.

Exclusive Photos


The Yamaha YBR125G is available in both Matte and Metallic color variants, catering to the diverse style preferences of riders. With this offering, Yamaha beckons enthusiasts to embrace their adventurous spirit and explore new realms of experience on the road.

A Familiar Sight with No Twist

For years, riders have eagerly awaited more than just superficial alterations in their rides. While Yamaha aims to infuse a sense of adventure and authenticity into their latest offering, some may find this update reminiscent of past iterations.

However, for those seeking genuine innovation, this update may evoke a sense of old practice, as the core mechanics of the bike remain largely unchanged.

The Old Trend

In a surprising turn of events, the company’s recent unveiling of the two-wheelers isn’t its initial endeavor. Back in December 2023, they introduced the same model with only minor alterations, essentially limited to a mere fresh coat of paint. Similarly, in November 2023, we witnessed comparable visual enhancements in the B125Z-DX.

The motorcycle manufacturers in the country seems to be stuck in a cycle of mediocrity, relying on superficial changes to keep riders interested. It’s almost as if they believe a fresh paint job is enough to distract from the lack of true innovation.

While the new visual enhancement injects a dose of excitement, it also raises questions about the need for substantive innovation in future models.

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