Florence Pugh says she emotionally ‘abused’ herself while shooting horror movie ‘Midsommar’

Florence Pugh She said she felt like she had “hurt” herself while filming the 2019 horror film Midsommar about a woman who is drawn into a strange cult at Sweden’s Midsummer Festival.

“When I did that, I was immersed in it, and I’ve never had this before with any of my characters,” she said on the “Off Menu” podcast on Friday. “I’ve never played someone who was in this much pain before. And I would put myself in difficult situations that maybe other actors don’t need to do, but I would imagine the worst things.”

She said the content happened “Weirder and harder” With every shooting day.

“I was putting things in my head that were getting worse and more bleak. I think, in the end, I probably, definitely, did myself a disservice in order to get that performance.”

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Florence Pugh said she is emotional "Maltreatment" itself to achieve its raw performance in "midsummer."

Florence Pugh said she was “emotionally abused” by achieving her raw performance in “Midsummer”. (Matt Winkelmayer/Getty Images for SBIFF)

The 27-year-old said she had to leave three days before the shoot wrapped to start the 2019 shoot. “little Women”. When she was on a plane to Boston, she said, she felt “tremendous guilt”, as if she had left her character Midsummer in the field where they were shooting after her character had what she described as a “psychotic break”.

She added, “It was just so weird. I’ve never had it before.” “Obviously it was probably psychological as I felt so guilty for what I was putting myself through. But I definitely felt like I left her out there in this realm of abuse. She can’t stand up for herself, almost like I made this person up, and then I left her there.” When I had to go and do another movie.”

She said most of the time when she is acting she feels her characters will “be just fine” and “know how to handle themselves” after the movie is over. But she felt strangely protective of the character she had created in Midsummer.

“Obviously, I created such a sad person and then I felt so guilty that I created that person and then left him.”

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Pugh praised “Midsummer” director Ari Aster as “a freak in the style of mad genius” and “a stand-up comedian at heart”, while acknowledging the difficulty of portraying the horror film.

Florence Pugh paid tribute to the film's director, Ari Aster "A freak in the mad genius type."

Florence Pugh praised the film’s director Ari Aster as “an outsider in this kind of mad genius.” (Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

We were shooting “It’s in a very hot field with three different languages, so I wouldn’t say it was all fun,” she told The New York Times recently. Why would making a movie like this be fun? “

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But she added, When Aster makes you laugh “At one thing, he’ll try to make you laugh at all the other things. He’ll keep going, and everyone else will cry in fits of laughter.”

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