Former public school teacher sounds alarm on ‘widespread’ transgenderism in schools: ‘Intentional effort’

A former public school teacher has issued a warning to parents across the country about how to do it Educators teach children their beliefs On controversial issues such as transgenderism – all without their knowledge and consent.

Grace Christian Academy principal Stephen Schultz has alleged that some teachers at government-run schools have been instructed not to talk to parents about major issues such as gender dysphoria during “Fox and Friends Weekend.

“First of all, they have to know they don’t know, and there’s an intentional effort to make sure they don’t know — and that isn’t hidden within the organisation,” Schultz Rachel Campos told Duffy Sunday.

“I have friends within public schools who have been clearly instructed not to contact parents, not to inform parents when they see a child struggling, especially in this area with potential for gender dysphoria.”

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Schultz explained his experience in the public school system In his last articleexplaining how teachers at his former school had a “coaching session” addressing the sensitivity of transgender students.

Shortly after the session, he said he confronted the subject directly after a young boy arrived at school, dressed as a girl, and demanded use of the girls’ bathroom.

“A lot of Americans often think these kinds of weird things couldn’t happen because it wasn’t part of their personal school experience,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, it’s very real, it’s increasingly common, and it isn’t now Protected but encouraged.”

He continued, “Our public schools have deteriorated and turned into propaganda machines that secretly work in favor of the most depraved people while working against those who really have the right to raise their children and their children.”

Schultz noted that far-left indoctrination in classrooms has led some teachers to act as co-parents in order to promote extremist ideologies, stripping parents of their autonomy over their children.

“I would argue that a lot of the worldview that these senior leaders espouse in public schools is of themselves as a surrogate parent,” Schultz said. “And what this really entails is a worldview battle. Do I think children belong to the parents or do I think the child belongs to the state?”

Schultz argued that getting kids out of public schools would be ideal, but for families who can’t, it’s an imperative. Parents are connected of what is happening in their children’s classroom.

I would argue that they should, if they can, “seek an alternative to public education,” Schultz emphasized. “My heart goes out to those who cannot… I would like to use this as a call for churches to help their families… put their children under a Christ-centered education.”

“But… do what you can to find out what’s going on in the school,” he implored.

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“Check out libraries. Talk to public school teachers. I can’t say that’s my world. I can say that’s been enough from my own experience with my friends, that it’s very prevalent, so parents get educated. Find out what’s going on out there. Ask your questions.” You have every right to do so, and do everything you can to get out.”

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