Georgia Dem takes heat for claiming every child in state is hers: Does she ‘understand how creepy this is?’

Twitter users scratched their heads at a speech by Georgia Democrats during a state House debate on the state’s SB 233, also penned by the Georgia Scholarship Act, which failed to clear the House of Representatives before the end of Legislative session Wednesday.

“The question that came to my mind was: Who is my child? Every child in Georgia. Every child. Without exception. Not just my child. Not just the kids I’ve had,” the Georgia state representative. Ann Allen Westbrook, D., while debating State Senate Bill 233.

School selection advocate Corey DeAngelis posted the clip to Twitter, with users zeroing in on Westbrook’s idea.

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Georgia Rep. Ann Allen Westbrook (D).

Georgia Rep. Ann Allen Westbrook (D). (Twitter/@DeAngelisCorey/Georgia House of Representatives/Screenshot)

“Do you even understand how scary that is?” Rep. Nick Freitas, R. , Member of the Virginia House of Delegates comment.

Another user joked, “The child support payments must be big.”

A third said, “These people don’t understand the difference between advocacy and being a parent.”

Others have criticized Westbrook for allegedly promoting a Marxist notion that the state takes the place of parents, a criticism common among parenting advocates who swept school board races last year and continue to push to make their voices heard now.

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Georgia State Capitol, State House, Interior, and Chamber of the State House of Representatives.

Georgia State Capitol, State House, Interior, and Chamber of the State House of Representatives. (Walter Bibiko via Getty Images)

One user wrote: “This is Marx’s language and does not align with reality. Parents are parents. The state does not abolish parents’ decision-making rights. Period. Full stop.”

Bill, approved Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, R. , to expand school choice in the Peach State by creating a Promise (or voucher) grant account to help families ease the costs of a private school tuition.

Kemp and the Republicans aligned on the bill maintained hope that it would pass both houses because the GOP had a majority in each, but it ultimately failed to pass the House.

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Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.

Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. (iStock)

Four Republicans in rural states defied party lines and voted against the measure Wednesday.

Westbrook, a Democrat from the 163rd district in the Savannah area, was among the 89 votes cast.

DeAngelis, in his tweet comments, noted that Westbrook attended a private school but voted against the measure.

He shared a screenshot from her campaign website sharing her educational background, noting that she graduated from Savannah Christian Prep.

He wrote: “I went to a private school.”

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