GOP congressman shouted down by New York Democrat on gun control claps back with facts

representative. Thomas Massey The bureau returned fire after the Kentucky Republican was caught on video having an exchange with Rep. Jamal Bowman, D-N.Y. About gun control.

“Rep. Bowman was challenging Republicans to a debate. Congressman Massey accepted the challenge and made it clear to Mr. Bowman that there have been no mass shootings at any of the hundreds of schools that allow teachers to carry,” John F. Kennedy, a spokesman for Massey, told Fox News Digital Thursday. “When confronted with the facts, Mr. Bowman tried to shout Rep. Massey off.”

The comments came after Massey and Brown were videotaped in a shouting match in the halls of Congress, during which Brown called Republicans “cowards” for opposing gun control in the wake of a school shooting in Virginia. Nashville, Tennessee.

Lawyers walk into the hallway yelling gun violence while Democrats call cowards Republicans

Representatives Thomas Massey and Jamal Bowman got into a shouting match over gun control legislation as they walked the halls of Congress on Wednesday.

Representatives Thomas Massey and Jamal Bowman got into a shouting match over gun control legislation as they walked the halls of Congress on Wednesday.

Bowman can be heard shouting at the assembled journalists as the video begins: “What are they doing about it? Nothing. They don’t have guts. They are cowards.” “Three nine-year-olds. Are they going to those funerals? No!”

Several lawmakers pass by Brown before Massey tries to confront him, telling L New York Democrat that “there was no school shooting that allowed teachers to carry”.

Bowman exclaimed, “More guns? More guns lead to more death.”

Massey then apparently tried unsuccessfully to calm Brown down as he continued to scream.

Brown later wrote on Twitter: “Republicans won’t do anything when it comes to gun violence, but try to tell me to calm down.” “No. We can’t calm down. People are dying every day while we wait.”

representative.  Jamal Bowman

representative. Jamal Bowman (Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

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Massey then responded with a tweet of his own, arguing that he had tried to provide data to Brown to prove his point.

“He wanted to discuss solutions to the school shootings, but when I offered him a solution, he started screaming,” Massey said of the exchange. “When he asked for the data, I gave him the data, but then he yelled some more. Bring the facts. There have been no school shootings in the hundreds of schools that allow staff members to carry.”

According to Kennedy, the data Massey tried to present to Brown was a 2019 research paper published by the Social Science Research Network that found no cases of infection in schools that allow teachers to do so. Carry firearms.

Rep. Thomas Massey

Rep. Thomas Massey (CQ Roll Call/Getty Images)

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Twenty countries now Allow teachers and staff to carry arms to varying degrees on school property, so we don’t need to guess how the policy will work,” reads the newspaper summary. There has yet to be one case of someone being injured or killed from gunfire, let alone a public shooting between 6am and midnight at a school that allows teachers to carry guns.”

Brown’s office did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.

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