Greg Gutfeld: Here’s why school choice legislation can ‘reshape the country’

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Happy Monday everyone. So let’s talk about an important battle that has just begun. No, not Kudlow vs. Kilmeade at Foxy Boxing, but tickets are still available. Yes, that did not land. Florida joined Iowa, Utah and Arkansas as the fourth state of the year Pass the global school selection. It’s a big deal. She made Randy Weingarten finally wash her hair. Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that expands the state’s Education Savings Account to all K-12 students, regardless of race, income, background, or even zip code. Mm-hmm. Now that they have the option of school, Florida parents’ biggest worry will be that their children will be eaten by snakes. That wouldn’t be a concern for me.

So the good news is that this money can be used for anything from private school tuition, tutoring, textbooks, homeschooling, online learning, and special needs therapy. And in Florida, alligators were chased. As proponents said, it funds students, not systems, which could finally force public schools to compete in them Nothing other than the best drag queen.

Florida is the sixth state nationwide to agree to such options, and if more states do the same, it could reshape the country. But there is still a challenge. it is time. Parents have none, activists do. Whether it’s sex depicted in textbooks or critical race theory or drag queen story clock, Parents are always caught off guard. They lie that it isn’t really happening until they find out that their daughter, Tammy, is now going to Timmy’s. It’s the activity equation. Parents are busy having children, taking care of children, and working to pay off those children. Activists do not have this pressure. I mean, did you see them? Who will have children with this? Oh yes. We salute their ugliness. They are domestic.

Biden’s education officials demand democracy, slander phobias on the basis of white supremacy

So it’s free time and crawling has got plenty of it. That’s why they can protest. It’s not like they’re going to be late for work because technically owning cats doesn’t work. So they have time for induction and indoctrination. It was not. The truth is, the people who are trying to change your world, don’t even live in it. If you think men have children, you probably don’t. They don’t handle daycare or diapers the way parents do. Or Joe Biden.

They love a cheap shot, that crowd, and that’s why I love them. But activists don’t live your life. Instead, they are what I call the squatters problem. They appear on land that is not theirs and act as if they are the new mayor in town. Activists interfere in your children’s lives and do so under the pretense of the right to privacy. Yes. Suddenly elementary school lesson plans are categorized. As if the grown-ups were saying that this is our little secret has led to something good. Have you watched TikTok videos Ardent activists brag about indoctrination?

It is not a figment of your imagination. Such a dream, I still have windsurfing. But when you shine a light on it, they freak out. It’s their golden rule. They must not show the world exactly what we are saying because they know their thoughts are gross and must be hidden from the light and purified.

Just like mushrooms or Billy Baldwin. I have to go after Baldwin now. We’re running out of Baldwin. I’m not kidding. People on the left accuse you of being transphobic just because you tweet their TikTok videos. Sorry for complaining about a video you posted that gets more exposure, you must have bigger balls than swimming.

So activists have parents over a barrel, and barrel is just a parent. You know, parents are crazy. They get the kids ready for school, they pay the bills, they drive minivans, they wear terrible jeans. They don’t have time to fight angry activists. It’s not a fair fight because the gun, again it’s time and parents are too busy to fight back. So they are the last to know who they are actually fighting against. Activists don’t have to do anything but Scream for wacky reasons And because tattoos on the face are painful. And after tampering with the lives of others, what do these activists say? Well, mind your own business. Stay out of our range. Yes. A creep wanting to mess with your children’s development believes they have a right to privacy. no. They have gone too far.

The FIRE survey found that fear of speaking up is not isolated to conservative professors, with 40% of liberal faculty fearing retribution if they say something unfavorable.

The FIRE survey found that fear of speaking up is not isolated to conservative professors, with 40% of liberal faculty fearing retribution if they say something unfavorable. (iStock)

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In fact, it is a movement that has gone too far in every way. So choosing a school is no longer about education, but about values. It is not about classes, or cafeterias, or the teacher-student ratio. It’s about indoctrination In the form of gender, politics, theology, oppression and guilt through historical correlation. And here’s why. Life does not make these people unhappy. So these people have to make their own, they have to find that raw material somewhere.

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