GREG GUTFELD: The media incentivizes future mass shootings by rewarding the present ones

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Greg Gutfeld: Happy Wednesday everyone. So before we get to the fun stuff, I’d like to talk about the Nashville school shooting. Don’t worry, the second half of the show is really funny. Brian Kilmeade will be here to talk politics.

So, last night I happened to interview former FBI reporter Mary Ellen O’Toole, and she supports something I’ve been screaming about every time bad things like this happen. She told the Daily Mail that Nashville and nearly every other place should prepare for copycat events due to the inevitable contagion effect caused by the media, adding, “…threats increase in schools across the country after a shooting occurs anywhere in the United States.” Unfortunately, evil seems to inspire more evil. It’s the same reason they keep making more Sex in the City movies, but the media helps. Now you know this is true, because yet Columbine shooting in ’99In each of them, the FBI studied 18 previous school shootings and found that the copycat effect was real. The mass shooting turned out to be as unoriginal as it was disgusting, and why?

The Nashville-sponsored Covenant School suffers from the “terror that shattered our school and our church”

A mourner visits a memorial outside Covenant School for the six victims killed in a mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

A mourner visits a memorial outside Covenant School for the six victims killed in a mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. (KR/Mega for Fox News Digital)

Because information about these demons becomes available instantly in minute detail. And what do demons share in love? Shame. That’s why they keep press clippings from past shooters and also why they brag about shame before it actually happens, as the Nashville shooter did. So the media incentivize future mass shootings by rewarding those present. I don’t know how you can get anything more intuitive than that.

Which brings me to the Nashville coverage. I hate that. Here’s the front page of yesterday’s New York Post, a minute-by-minute “Timeline of Terror” showing you how the massacre unfolded, complete with photos of the gunman who appears to be armed. Then you get final chilling text messages from the shooter. You get pictures of the victims. You get stories about my shooter parents. Is this enough? Well, we also got the body cam shots. Victims’ family members. Classroom photos before the frenzy, did we need that? And this is just one leaflet, multiply it by the thousands because it’s not just the leaflet. And hell, I love the Post. They broke The story on the Hunter laptopwhich is the most accurate source for what Kim Kardashian wants.

But this story is all over the place, USA Today, Newsweek, ABC News, CBS, CNN, NBC, and it’s all appeared on their homepages. So it is amplified through the internet as well as networks, and social media spreads it in every phone. He’s like Jimmy Failla on Fox News. It’s all over the place and I’d like to apologize for that.

Nashville Covenant School Head Reprised As Hero Wake Up From Shooting: ‘She Protected Her Kids’

So how long before there is another shooting? Where is the responsibility of the media in this? Don’t they know that science exists? The FBI has been saying this for 25 years. The repetition of minimal facts, together with theatricality through theatrical reporting and visual accompaniment, amplifies the story informing future actions—. In fact, it could, in all likelihood, lead to another shooting in a matter of weeks. So the only way you can stop this is by showing some responsibility in the reports. Right now, the media is acting like a mindless meter maid, and it’s not a crime to meter maids. After all, they looked the other way when I inserted Jesse Watters’ Ferrari key.

A police officer walks through the entrance of Covenant School after a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

A police officer walks through the entrance of Covenant School after a shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. (AP Photo/John Amis)

But somehow, reporters often write the tickets, doing the necessary job right then and there with little or no moral responsibility for the future. And it’s the same media that, after turning every shoot into a disgraceful spectacle, complains, Why does this always happen? Well, because evil exists, and you amplify it, you stupid ass. You think repeating the same old truths doesn’t matter. Why do you think we have advertisers? Do you think we ran the same old friggin Snuggie ad every 5 minutes because it just didn’t work? Hell, thanks to the ads, I own 400 Chia Pets. My suggestion, adopt what Global Health Organization Advice on suicides: Develop guidelines to reduce your media footprint, to reduce imitations. Turn off the visuals and make all new information through a press release. No video, no film, no photos, avoid prominent placement. Stop repeating the same facts. Move on when you run out. It seems that you need to make it boring like a book on tape. like this.

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Now you could cut those incidents in half or more if the media agreed to do it, but would they? I keep begging, but I’m afraid there’s too much attention and power to make media lives by ratings while others die by it.

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