India’s First Made-In-India Electric Truck

India's First Made-In-India Electric Truck

India is all set to unveil its first electric van made in India that is also dedicated to women.

Triton EV company in Kheda district of Gujarat has designed and built this electric truck. A company representative told modes It is compatible with female drivers and makes it easier for them to drive.

Truck tire is 18mm instead of the commonly used 16mm. 18mm frame does not bend easily. The truck is equipped with two cameras on the sides to provide a full view of the sides of the truck. Allows the driver a full view of both sides and the rear of the truck for maximum safety.

electric truck in india

The electric van is also equipped with a navigation system. The company has taken into account that drivers need to use their mobile phone with one hand in order to follow navigation applications. To facilitate the drivers, the truck has a built-in navigation system so that the drivers can drive with both hands.

In addition, two beds were installed in the electric van so that the driver and the other passenger could sleep inside it safely.

The price point of this truck is quite competitive and is comparable to that of diesel trucks which are Rs 1.1 Crore. Although the price segment is the same, this electric truck will offer many gaps on fuel and will provide more value for money than diesel trucks. All agents will provide service facilities. Other service stations will also be able to service this truck except for the battery and engine.

electric truck in indiaThis electric van will be able to handle a total load of 40 tons. Moreover, on a fully charged battery, the Triton electric truck will travel 300 km. 80-90% of this truck is made in India, and a company representative claims that the remaining 10-20% will soon be made in India as well.

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