JESSE WATTERS: This is why Kamala Harris is visiting Africa

Fox News host Jesse Watters reveals the real reason Vice President Kamala Harris is visiting Africa Monday on “Jesse Watters in Prime”.

Jesse Waters: Kamala Harris He has a lot of jobs. It’s the Tsar of Frontiers, the Tsar of Vote, and the Tsar of Space. Kamala is a busy woman with a lot to do here in America. It makes us wonder: What is Kamala Harris doing in Africa? Well, the White House says it’s there to strengthen our partnership with Africa. What does it mean? Today in Ghana, I went to a skating rink and a recording studio.

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What does Africa have and want so badly? Joe and Kamala promise to make America green. They cannot do this without mining Africa for all its value. Africa is rich in minerals and key minerals, the ones Biden needs to build electric car batteries, turbines and solar panels. Therefore, Joe sent Kamala to Africa with the suitcase. The vice president appeared on Sunday with a big smile and a check for $100 million. She told them that the “extremists” must be fought. (I didn’t know there were Republicans in Ghana).

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And they happily took the bribe, I mean the check. But what do we get for it? Africa’s precious natural resources are, of course, everything to support the Green New Deal. He is Kamala HarrisThe black face of American colonialism? Well, it’s there for the lithium and cobalt, mommy loads in the Congo, and it’s mined by kids as young as 4.

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