Keanu Reeves says his last moment of bliss was in bed with girlfriend in rare comment

Keanu Reeves has spoken out about his girlfriend Alexandra Grant this week, saying his last moment was with the 49-year-old “smiling, laughing, laughing” in bed.

“Two Days Ago With Hazel”, Bestselling Private John Wick actor to People magazine after being asked about his recent “moment of bliss.” He continued, “We were in bed. We were connected. We were smiling and laughing and laughing. It feels great. It was really nice being together.”

He met the 58-year-old Grant in 2009, and together they worked on two of Reeve’s books, “Ode to Happiness” and “Shadows.” They announced their relationship Four years ago.

Grant told British Vogue in 2020 that “Ode to Happiness,” a picture book for adults, was originally intended as a gift she drew for him.


Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are notoriously private about their relationship.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are notoriously private about their relationship. (Axel / Power Griffin / MovieMagic)

“The book came as a surprise to me, to Keanu, as a special gift. And all our friends sitting in the room laughed when I gave it to him—they said, ‘Please publish it! ‘” This is how we started publishing.

The couple reportedly dated for years before making their red carpet debut together at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles in 2019.

In 2020, actress Jennifer Tilly told Page Six, “I remember two years ago, about a year and a half ago, [Alexandra] He said, ‘Keanu Reeves is my boyfriend’ and I’m like, ‘Wait. What?'”

The couple reportedly dated for years before making it public.

The couple reportedly dated for years before making it public. (Presley Ann/Getty Images for Audi)

In 2019, Reeves reiterated that he would prefer to keep him “Private” personal life.

“I came to Hollywood to be in the movies. I feel really grateful that I had this opportunity, but I’m just a regular person, and it’s nice that this still exists,” he said.


When the magazine asked him if he was still an “eligible bachelor” a few months before he went public with Grant, he “was[ed]and answered, “Well, I’m not married.”

British Vogue asked Grant in 2020 if she would be interested in marriage. She joked “Over a glass of wine… I’d love to tell you. Love on every level is very important to my identity. How is that to evade the question? I don’t think solitude is the way to go. There is a period of solitude that I do as a painter, but I greatly appreciate the experience of being there.” in relationships.”

Reeves and Grant have published two books together.

Reeves and Grant have published two books together. (Nelson Barnard/Getty Images)

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The “Matrix” star revealed many other anecdotes to People after he was asked about the last time he danced, the last recurring dream, the last game he played and the last time he saw the sunrise.

Of dancing, he said, “Sometimes I’m the first one out and sometimes I need convincing.” “Sometimes it’s the song and sometimes it’s the person. I just deal with the feeling.”

He also quipped that his “recurring nightmares” are “too scary to describe” but that he likes to fly in dreams.

Regarding the games, he said he has been playing kick chess lately but is still learning. “If you don’t know how to play, then I’m great – yes, I’m a master. And if you’re really good, then I’m bad.”

Finally, he reveals that the last sunrise came due to jet lag.

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“I was recently traveling to Japan and had some wonderful jet lag and got to see the sun rise in Kyoto,” he said. “These are always great. You have to stop, like, ‘Aren’t we glad to be here?'” ”

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