LAURA INGRAHAM: The Left is ‘salivating’ for a Trump mug shot

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said the indictment of former President Donald Trump was an attempt to “punish” and “humiliate” him.Ingraham angle. “

Laura Ingerham: The left has wanted to put Donald Trump in jail since 2015. Today, Democrats have brought it closer to that goal. And let’s be very clear, the White House is the main player in this political vendetta game. Now, sure, they officially say no comment when asked about it Alvin Bragg indictment of President Trump. But make no mistake tonight. Joe Biden bears ultimate responsibility for what this will do to America. Now, our country’s CEO has an inherent duty to do everything in his power to preserve America’s standing in the world as the world’s leading democracy.

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Now, that means whether through back channels or public speeches, Biden has had to make it very clear that his party will oppose any local prosecutor who uses Fabricated criminal charges To punish and humiliate a former boss. But of course, Biden hasn’t. Instead, he bowed back to the far left, which had been drooling over the prospect of Trump being on the hook for years.

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Tonight, many leftists are gloating. I read it on social media. Yet they do not think about what this will do to our country. Tens of millions of Americans, perhaps half the country, will emerge from this sad story with even less confidence in our justice system. They will think that if you have one set of political views, you will be targeted. But if you have another set of political views, you will be protected. Americans will begin to believe that The principle of equal justice under the law Honestly a joke because they will see the justice system as rigged.

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