Leftwing groups attempting to block congressional oversight of Biden may violate law, conservative org warns

Two organizations trying to protect Biden administration of congressional oversight risks breaking the law by obstructing hearings and intimidating witnesses, according to a conservative legal group calling for an investigation and — if necessary — arrests.

After the Republicans regained control of the House in November, the Congressional Integrity Project—supported by the arm of liberal black financier Arabella Advisors—and Facts First USA (run by Democratic activist David Brock) the House Republicans who will lead oversight matters, led by House Oversight and Accountability Chief James Kummer of Kentucky and House Judiciary Chief Jim Jordan of Ohio.

An October memo issued by Brock called for “direct attacks,” “an environment of backlash,” and “maximum political backlash” against Republican lawmakers.

America First Legal warns that this could obstruct congressional hearings, harass members of Congress and intimidate both witnesses and whistleblowers — reminiscent of the liberal protesters who followed and taunted Republican senators during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 2018.

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Democratic groups are reportedly trying to protect the Biden administration from the dangers of congressional oversight.

Democratic groups are reportedly trying to protect the Biden administration from the dangers of congressional oversight. (Joe Riddle)

Reid D. Rubinstein, director of investigations for the America First Legal Foundation (AFL) in the USA, says March 16th letter To Sergeant of the House in Arms William McFarland. “But in 2018 (for example), similar tactics were used against staffers and members of Congress to influence congressional hearings on Brett Kavanaugh and obstruct and obstruct congressional hearings on Brett Kavanaugh. So, there is reason enough to take the promises made by Mr. Brock and his war Seriously. Affiliates make money from “direct attacks,” “backlashes,” and “maximum response” coordinated against members, staff, and witnesses.”

The message of the AFL is primarily focused on the words of Brock, the leader of Facts First USA. But the top of the letter says the topic is about potential violations by both the USA Facts and Congressional Integrity Project 18 USC § 1505which in US law is defined as “obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies, and committees.”

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Rubinstein’s letter continued: “Here, congressional oversight of Mr. Brock and his dark money network may also be appropriate to expose the breadth of funding sources to interfere with, obstruct, or disrupt planned House oversight activities.”

The letter adds, “But as Sergeant at Arms, you have the power to make arrests and enforce the laws of the United States within the geographic area of ​​all House members, their staffs, and committee hearings.” “Federal law gives you the same law enforcement power as a member of the Capitol Police. Intimidating congressional witnesses or whistleblowers, obstructing official congressional investigations, or interfering with constitutional obligations and rights are all crimes within your jurisdiction.”

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky. (J. Scott Applewhite)

Facts First USA has turned Fox News Digital into its own company March 17th letter To McFarland, the House sergeant, he pointed out that it is an entirely separate entity from the Congressional Integrity Project.

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“Having the AFL act at the behest of House Republicans is really the only way to understand an organization that otherwise claims to be ‘committed to the unwavering defense of … free speech’ is seeking to investigate us for our words.” House to conduct such a review,” says the letter, which was signed by co-chairs David Golly, a former Republican House member from Florida, and Maria Cardona, a former television anchor.

The letter went on to claim that AFL chairman Stephen Miller once – Former President Donald Trump – Participated in intimidating witnesses in the past.

“In any event, we are pleased that Mr. Miller and his colleagues strongly believe that witness tampering and intimidation warrant a criminal investigation and charges — although this view seems new given their personal history with alleged interference with congressional investigations,” it continued.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in 2018. (Reuters)

A former conservative writer turned Democratic activist, Brock founded the liberal Media Matters for America and American Bridge 21st Century Super PAC. He set Facts First USA in 2022 ahead of the midterm elections, when Republicans were widely expected to win at least one chamber of Congress in that year’s midterms.

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15 pages Brook note On October 25, two weeks before the election, Fact One described plans, in a tone that the NFL argued, as proposing a filibuster of Congress. Brock’s memo calls for “coordination of like-minded groups to maximize dissent and consistent messaging.”

The memo also scrambles Hunter BidenPresident Joe Biden’s son is under investigation by the Justice Department for financial matters, and by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.

Hunter Biden (left) and President Joe Biden (right).

Hunter Biden (left) and President Joe Biden (right). (Paul Moregy)

“Hunter Biden has been unable to publicly defend his actions. This has allowed the one-sided narrative to become more prevalent, even among Democrats who don’t know the facts,” Brock’s memo reads. “This must be met fiercely – whether with specific responses or direct attacks against congressional investigators.”

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“We will create an environment of backlash against Republicans so that the 2024 election can be decided on merit,” the memo adds.

The Congressional Integrity Project has reportedly secured $1.5 million in donations from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a nonprofit organization financially sponsored by Arabella Advisors, a liberal financial dark circle. CIP did not respond to an inquiry from Fox News Digital regarding this story.

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