Maria Bartiromo breaks down Trump’s indictment with Rep. Jim Jordan, Alina Habba, John Ratcliffe, and more

Jim Jordan tells Maria Bartiromo “It’s all on the table” after Donald Trump’s reference

Maria Bartiromo: Well what are you. When do you expect to speak with Alvin Bragg if he hasn’t come to testify Judicial Committee, Will you summon him?

Jim Jordan rep: It’s all on the table, Maria. We will talk to the other bosses and consider the response. We just got his message. We are reviewing it. But we think that’s what I think is probably the most important thing. We think this is bigger. This includes all of us. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that in the same week we learned that the IRS knocked on Matt Taipei’s door while he was testifying in Congress. That same week, when we learned that the attorney general had appointed a left-wing prosecutor, a local attorney backed by Soros would go after the former president of the United States.

Jim Jordan rep: I mean, it’s scary that they’d pay a foreigner to think about this. They paid a foreigner to put together a fake dossier to spy on President Trump’s campaign. The FTC is sending messages to Twitter asking which journalists are you talking to? And then, of course, when Matt Taibi testifies, the IRS knocks on his door and now an indictment is being filed against an ex-president, the man leading in every poll. This is about all of us. It is about going after anyone who opposes the agenda of the left, the agenda of the establishment. This might be the scariest thing of all.

Trump Attorney Alina would love if blocking lawsuits would prevent Donald Trump from starting work in 2024

Maria Bartiromo: Yes. I’m pointing out that there’s a lot coming to President Trump even after this criminal case. Now, Alina, these cases take time. I mean, this criminal case in the DA’s Manhattan office is going to have a long process. You’ll have a discovery, you’ll have a movement process. And that’s beyond the four months that the Republican primary process began, which, of course, the first debate will be in August. This will be Preventing President Trump from running In 2024?

A look at Donald Trump’s refereeing schedule before attending court on Tuesday

We have love: No, I don’t think so. I think this will strengthen him, in my opinion. If you look at the polls, if you look at the opinion of the American people, he’s ahead in the polls and every time they come and beat him hard, Mariah, every time they try to take him down, his base just gets stronger. The American people are not stupid. They see what they do. i don’t think so. I think he will be drawn to it That white house.

Housekeeping chairman Brian Steele questioned Alvin Bragg’s use of federal dollars in the investigation of Donald Trump

Maria Bartiromo: Wisconsin Republican Congressman Brian Style. Brian, thank you so much for being here. I pushed back. I was one of the authors of that letter to Manhattan da Alvin Bragg seeking information behind this suit. He wrote back saying that you are in fact violating his sovereignty in New York. Where are we from that?

Referred to Trump after the investigation in Manhattan DA to make payments of funds

Rep Brian Steele: I think we asked him three important questions and got a very clear answer to the first question. Are there federal dollars at play in this investigation? In his response, he admitted that, yes, there are federal dollars at play. I think we still need to know the answer to the second two questions. Is it in coordination with US Department of Justice? I think this is important because the US Department of Justice looked into this case and chose not to move forward. The third is the usurpation of federal power over campaign finance law. Federal campaign finance law is why we finally need answers to the question. The principle here, Maria, is that everyone is treated equally under the law. And it’s very concerning when you look at this DA who has such a track record as it relates to public safety on the streets of New York that I think most Americans would disagree with.

John Ratlevy on Justice System Repeatedly Asks Donald Trump to ‘Prove Innocence’

Maria Bartiromo: tweeted Nancy Pelosi That the President will have his chance to prove that he is innocent. Look, you say no one is above the law. Everyone has the right to a trial to prove his innocence. In fact, I’ve got a lore of peace because that’s not how our system works. Our system is actually innocent until proven guilty. John.

John Ratcliffe: Well, Maria, we saw this four years ago. Nancy Pelosi is not the first to apply this criterion to Donald Trump. The first to do so were Trump’s dislike of lawyers like Andrew Weizmann and Trump’s dislike of federal agents like Peter Strzok who were part of the Mueller investigation, as Bob Mueller admitted four years ago that Donald Trump must conclusively prove his innocence. He was the first and only person in the history of the Department of Justice to apply this standard to him. And now as you can see, Nancy Pelosi shows that during the four years that she was Speaker from 2018 to 2022, that’s the standard she applied. It applied that to deny Donald Trump due process during two impeachments since he was not allowed access to legal counsel. The first president not to have that during House proceedings. We have seen it continue Biden administration and the Ministry of Justice. Jim Jordan, you know, is talking about the disparity of treatment and unequal treatment under the law between President Trump and President Biden in the matter of classified documents. So, you know, this case, you know, has now been going on for years. What is happening in New York is a kind of climax to an attack that has been going on for at least four or five years.

Miranda addresses the uneven application of the law when it comes to the Democrats running the intervention

Maria Bartiromo: Miranda does not feel that the Democrats have any problem with meddling in the elections. We saw that with Biden’s laptop before the election a few years ago The work of the FBI With Twitter to suppress the truth.

The goal of Trump: Take a look at the investigations into the former president; From Russia to Mar-a-Lago

Miranda becomes: Yes, that’s their thing when they’re in trouble, and whenever there’s corruption or another scandal to cover up, they’ll blow smoke on the other side. And especially when it comes to Donald Trump, I mean election interference. What better interference with the election we can now see than that the leading Republican candidate is being legally persecuted by these armed fake prosecutions, starting with Alvin Bragg in Manhattan. And of course the leaks. Who knows where they came from on the upcoming indictment of Donald Trump that came two weeks ago, just 24 hours after James Clymer disclosed those bank records. A heartbreaking story, if you ever saw one The Hunter Biden laptop saga, Yet it was buried under the avalanche of Trump news.

Peter Schweizer on Who Buys Hunter Biden Art

Maria Bartiromo: Yes. And I’m wondering if the effect is spreading while we’re talking in plain sight. I mean, look at Hunter Biden’s artwork on display among the best in New York this week. We don’t know who’s buying this art, Peter, because they made a decision to say, well, in the face of all these questions, wouldn’t we just say who’s the art buyer?

Peter Swiss: Oh, yeah, that’s right. I mean, let’s remember, in 2019 the Senate Banking Committee released a report on how riddled the art world was with money laundering and corruption. Thus, Hunter Biden has benefited from an industry where he can accept money in exchange for, quote non-quote, arts and any amount he wants. There are no disclosure requirements. Therein lies the problem. Look, I mean, you can look at the Trump case and you contradict the Hunter Biden case. Hunter Biden has already admitted he committed crimes. I mean, let’s remember, in 2018 this grand jury came together. were looking at tax evasion charges, Among other things, get Hunter Biden involved. Hunter Biden gets a family friend to pay $2 million to the IRS, an essential admission that he didn’t pay the taxes he was supposed to. This is not a defense against tax evasion. And here we are, three years later. The media is not interested in this story. They don’t care what else the grand jury was looking at. So it’s an amazing break from the mainstream media.

Texas State LT Dan Patrick Tells Maria There Could Be a 14 Million Gotaway at the End of Title 42 Soon

Maria Bartiromo: How could Alejandro Mallorcas not know what those bracelets are? I’ve seen those bracelets 100 times when I’ve been to the border many times, five times already. And second, how about excluding Heading 42?

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LT Governor Dan Patrick: So first of all, it totally is. Yes. First of all, it’s totally incompetent, Maria, for not knowing what those bracelets are. Border Patrol Agent. First day on the job knows what it is. Second, remember that this is all part of the Biden plan. This is the leftist infiltration of America. By allowing us to be invaded not by an armed army, but an army of people that includes terrorists and including criminals and sex offenders. They know exactly what they’re doing. And they played this string, they played this game. Gee, I don’t know. I don’t want to call it a crisis because that would mean we should leave our mission, as you testified recently. And when you say 7 million, I’m sorry. When you say about 7 million got caught, remember in the last several years, that’s what got caught, Mariah. Our border is 1,200 miles in Texas with Mexico. So if we detect one in two, that’s 14 million people.

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