Mayorkas backs assault weapons ban but won’t give definition

Sen. Kennedy quizzes Mayorkas on assault weapons ban

Homeland Security Secretary Alexander Mayorkas He said on Tuesday he supports a ban on owning “assault weapons” – but declined to provide a clear definition of what type of gun he would like banned.

Mayorkas was asked at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing by Sen. John F. Kennedy, R-LA, if he agreed with President Biden “that private ownership of assault weapons should be banned in America?”

“Senator, I am,” replied Majorcas.

Then Kennedy asked him: “What is the assault weapon?”

“It’s, for example, an AK-47,” Mayorkas said.

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March 28, 2023: Homeland Security Secretary Alexander Mayor answers questions at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

March 28, 2023: Homeland Security Secretary Alexander Mayor answers questions at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. (screenshot)

However, Kennedy wanted more: “Can you give me a definition other than referring to a specific weapon? Will there be other weapons besides the AK?”47 will ban? ”

Mayorkas cited his time as a federal attorney general from 1989 to 2001 and said that “the vast majority of law enforcement officers and leaders I’ve worked with have been overwhelmingly supportive of banning assault weapons.”

Kennedy then accused Mayorkas of not answering the question, which Mayorkas opposed.

“No, you haven’t. Do you have a definition of an assault weapon?” He said.

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Mayorcas responded, “I am confident that there is a technical definition of what is an offensive weapon, and it was certainly used in the context of the pre-existing law prohibiting offensive weapons.”

President Biden on Tuesday Repeat his calls For more gun control, including a ban on assault weapons after six people were killed in a mass shooting at a Christian private school in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The majority of the American people believe they have Offensive weapons Strange, it’s a crazy idea. They are against it. And so I think Congress should pass an assault weapons ban.”

He added, “I want to remind you, the last time we passed the Assault Weapons Ban, violent shootings went down. Mass shootings went down… I can do nothing but appeal to Congress to act sensibly.”

Fox News’ Chris Pandolfo contributed to this report.

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