Meteorologist prays for Mississippi residents in path of tornado while on air: ‘Dear Jesus, please help them’

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A local meteorologist in Mississippi cited the name of Jesus Christ live on the air as he watched a Deadly tornado Approaching the town of Amory, Mississippi on Friday night.

While reporting on the tornado’s path and seeing it approach the populated city, WTVA’s Matt Luban told viewers to get to the “Tornado Safe Place”.

Then he stopped and prayed to Christ to save its inhabitant.

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A WTVA meteorologist prays to Jesus Christ on the air for the residents of Amory, Mississippi as a deadly tornado hits them.

A WTVA meteorologist prays to Jesus Christ on the air for the residents of Amory, Mississippi as a deadly tornado hits them. (screenshot/Twitter)

Le Pen was tracking the deadly tornado Friday night on NBC’s news station in Tupelo, Mississippi, as it ripped through the state, where it was located. 23 people were killed in the end.

The Emmy award-winning meteorologist was glued to a storm tracker when he reported the storm’s movement, becoming noticeably agitated as he realized the tornado was likely veering straight toward Amory.

At the start of the nearly two-minute clip — which has since garnered more than a million views on Twitter — Le Pen noted that his radar was showing “Strong typhoon hereto the east of Amur.

“How often do we talk about my affairs?” he asked as he updated and modified his models in real time.

After further observations, he said, “Assuming we were moving at 65 miles an hour, I would say the few western streets on Amory were now less than two minutes away.”

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And Le Pen warned, as radar images behind the meteorological department showed the storm approaching the city, “This is a strong matter, Life threatening tornado You will move either near Amory or in the northern part of Amory City.”

He then offered his viewers a disclaimer that he might be wrong about his prediction: “You trust me so much. I tell you where he’s going and some of you are like, ‘That’s where you’re going.'” But the truth is, this can change trends.

Either way, Amory advised viewers, “We need to be in our safe place from the hurricane.”

Seeing a new scan, Le Pen tensed. The tornado appears to be moving directly toward the city. He said, “We got a new check coming in as we speak. Man, like the North Side of Amory this one is coming.”

He got even more emotional, then said again, “Man,” and leaned over his instruments, letting out a sigh.

Then at that moment he turned to the Almighty and said, “Dear Jesus, help them. Amen.”

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After the brief prayer, Le Pen returned to his stage display of the tornado’s path, stating that he was about to cross “the Highway 6 bridge in 20 seconds or so.”

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