Nashville Christian school shooting: Leftists mock prayer as community reels from tragedy

After the tragic shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, some activists and media professionals were shamed Republicans who encouraged the people To pray for the community and families of the victims.

On Monday, the 28-year-old shooter, who appears to be transgender, opened fire on Covenant School in NashvilleTennessee, claimed the lives of three young students and three faculty members.

After the horrific incident, progressives went into a frenzy on social media after calling on people to “pray.”

“It is very surprising that there was a mass shooting at a Christian school, since lack of prayer is so often blamed for these horrific events. Is it possible that they were not praying enough, or properly, despite being a Christian school ? David Backman, a progressive talk show host, wrote on Twitter in a post that was later deleted.

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Deleted tweet after the shooting in Nashville

Deleted tweet after the shooting in Nashville (Twitter)

Bachman then attempted to retract his statement, responding that “I’m not mocking the faith of murdered children, I’m mocking the absurdity of every Republican who sends thoughts and prayers and does nothing else to stop the scourge of gun violence.”

Nahville school education should be investigated as a hate crime, Holly says

“My prayers are with the victims and their families at Covenant School in Nashville. Another horrific, needless tragedy. Children and school staff must always be protected in the same way as politicians, money, gems, and gold, but more than that, by armed good guys. Thank God for armed good guys.” Thank God a good guy with a gun killed an evil, mentally ill shooter today,” wrote Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA. , in a post after the shooting.

Mina Harris, niece Vice President Kamala HarrisHe then tweeted: “There is a special place in hell for people like Marjorie Taylor Greene who use murdered babies as an opportunity to promote transphobia.”

Mervyn Warren, a film author, writes, “Prayer doesn’t work at all.”


“And the people at that Christian school in Nashville were praying that their kids would be safe,” Warren said. in a Twitter post.

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