New York State bar should probe Bragg over Trump’s ‘Stormy’ case: Civil rights attorney

New York

New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell told Fox News he should face scrutiny from the state bar regarding his investigation and possible conviction of former President Donald Trump.

Terrell told “Life, Liberty & Levin” that in his 30 years of practicing law, he knew Bragg would have to face at least one morality charge.

The New York State Bar Association should look into it [Trump] investigation. As for the motives, everyone who watches your show today knows the motive: Get President Trump, and keep his name off the ballot,” Terrell said of the case involving Trump, Michael Cohen And Stormy Daniels.

He called Prague v. Trump “the weakest even attempt ever,” and commented the motive for a possible prosecution on Prague’s relationship with Hungarian-American financier George Soros and the Democratic Party.

Michael Cohen’s former legal advisor ignites the former client’s flame

Trump, Prague

Trump, Prague (Photo by Shane Bevel/NCAA via Getty Images/Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“[Bragg] New York City is allowed to run rampant with crime – career criminals – he downplays every felony, but he wants to Chasing Donald Trump. “

If Trump is an unpopular or flawed figure, Terrill said, Democrats like Bragg should ask him to run the presidential ballot without a hitch, noting that he could be easily defeated.

Instead, Terrell said that Trump is seen as someone who “takes slings and arrows for you and me” — and that if they can handle Trump in this way, it suggests that the Democratic Party has “weaponized” the justice system away from the federal system. Level as critics doubt.

“These Democrats, George Soros – doctors like Alvin Bragg, who has no credibility – in fact, he’s a laughing stock. They’ve armed these county attorney offices to go easy on criminals and go after those who believe in God and country and liberty and liberty,” he said.

Michael Cohen, who supported Trump’s arrest, worries about sending a potential message to adversaries

George Soros giving a speech during the Munich Security Conference 2023.

George Soros giving a speech during the Munich Security Conference 2023. (Open Society Foundations/YouTube/Video screenshot)

Terrell joined other Trump defenders who alleged that Bragg had tainted the lucrative office he held, which other critics have used to compare him to his longtime Democratic predecessors, C. Vance Jr., Frank Hogan and Robert Morgenthau, who were seen as above political persuasion.


Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen (Reuters/Jenna Moon TBX Pictures of the Day/File)

“It’s embarrassing,” Terrell said. “Alvin Bragg is a complete embarrassment to the legal profession.”

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