Pakistan Top Selling Car Sales Marks a New Low

Pakistan Top Selling Car Sales Marks a New Low

The prevailing economic meltdown shattered the already ailing domestic auto industry. Days of no production, plummeting sales, dwindling profits – the entire episode recounts the results of the State Bank of Pakistan’s import restrictions. As a result, domestic automakers bear the brunt of the move – no CKD kits and no inventory wrecking our import-dependent industry.

Locally assembled car sales fell 52%. Meanwhile, the Japanese auto franchise was dubbed Pakistan Suzuki The Motor Company (PSMC), with its high rate of non-production days, was among the hardest-hit automakers compared to the others. The company has a market share of more than 50% but has noticed a sharp downward trend in sales since the beginning of this year. While the country’s best-selling car, the Alto, faced the worst.

Alto sales report

In 2022, PSMC sold 66,427 units of alto, is the record published by the company in terms of sales of a single model. Pakistan’s Suzuki sold 125,947 units in 2022, of which 53% were Altus. Moreover, vehicle sales increased for 7 months in 2022, surpassing the previous highest monthly sales of Suzuki Mahran.

Since the beginning of the year 2023, the grim finding of car sales has hit a new low. The company sold just 588 units in the past two months compared to 11,039 in the same period last year, and 3,864 and 7,175 in January and February, respectively. Meaning, Alto’s sales are down a whopping 95%.

Suzuki Motor Pakistan has sold 544 units of Alto, 72 units of Suzuki Cultus, 93 units of Suzuki Wagon R, 67 units of Suzuki Swift, 91 units of Suzuki Bolan and 111 units of Suzuki Ravi.

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