Popular kids toy company ‘Build-A-Bear’ turns heads with new ‘RuPaul’ drag queen bear

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Teddy bear kids’ famous build-it-yourself shopBear Building WorkshopTurn heads with your new drag queen teddy bear.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noted on Twitter Thursday that the “Build-a-Bear Workshop,” the toy store where kids — and adults, it seems — can customize their own stuffed animal, has announced a new drag queen teddy bear.

Walsh shared a screenshot from the website depicting the new drag product, tweeting, “Remember: There is absolutely no agenda for grooming your kids. Don’t be silly. On an unrelated note @buildabear sells a drag queen stuffed teddy bear for kids.”

a "Build-A-Bear Workshop" Location in a local mall.

The “Build-A-Bear Workshop” is located in a local mall. (Joe Amon / The Denver Post)

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As the image indicated, the toy—a brown bear in a gold dress with curly platinum blonde hair and plenty of eye makeup—was the “RuPaul Bear,” pre-customized in drag to pay homage to a popular drag-themed reality show.RuPaul’s Drag Race.

A quick Internet search for “RuPaul Bear” confirmed its presence on the Build-a-Bear website, although it is located online in the store’s “Bear Cave,” an adult-focused section—not in the actual store.

The site described Drag Queen Bear with some drag community slang in honor of the show’s star host, drag queen RuPaul.

The website reads: “Cover BEAR! Put your fur in your walk. Head on, let your whole body do the talking.” She already did and she has – and now you can have yours with your very own RuPaul Bear! Two iconic pop culture establishments unite for a one-of-a-kind collector’s item made in honor of the world’s most famous queen. “

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picture "RuPaul's Drag Race" Star host, famous drag queen RuPaul.

Photo of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star host, famous drag queen RuPaul. (Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images)

The raffle teddy bear was listed at $56 and could come as part of a gift set for another $8, which included some “online exclusive golden heels” to put on the bear.

On Twitter, Walsh refuted critics who claimed the company was not advertising a children’s drag queen product, claiming that “RuPaul Bear” is being advertised on the homepage of the kid-friendly Build-A-Bear online store.

Screenshot of a promotion for adult games on "Bear build" online store.

Screenshot of an adult game promotion on the “Build-A-Bear’s” online store. (screenshot/Twitter)

He tweeted, “I’ve been told the bear is being sold in a section of the site ‘designed for shoppers 18+’. Except they have the raffle bear right on the front page, front and center, along with Easter merchandise.”

Walsh’s original screenshot showed the power of the pull on the Build-A-Bear website’s featured product list, next to Easter-themed Build-A-Bear products.

Currently, the website does not feature RuPaul Bear in the same banner, although an icon for the company’s “After Dark Gifts for Adults” can be found instead, making adult games one of the first toy lines promoted in Build-A-Bear site now.

RuPaul himself He posted an unboxing video with the new Build-a-Bear to Instagram on Wednesday, enjoying the stuffed animal’s gold dress and curly hair. “Oh my God! Awesome!” exclaimed the drag queen. “This is so cool! I feel like a proud parent!”

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Fox News Digital reached out to Build-A-Bear Workshop, inquiring if the toy company finds the product suitable due to its strong association with children’s toys. The company has not yet responded.

Photo of the drag queen reading at a drag queen story hour hosted by New York Attorney General Letitia James on Sunday.

Photo of the drag queen reading at a drag queen story hour hosted by New York Attorney General Letitia James on Sunday. (Twitter)

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