SEAN HANNITY: Indictment against Trump is a ‘political hit job’ by Alvin Bragg

Sean Hannity rips up Manhattan da Alvin Bragg for throwing the rule of law “to the wind” after former President Donald Trump was indicted by a New York grand jury in “Hannity. “

Referred to Trump after the investigation in Manhattan DA to make payments of funds

Shehanty: Former President Donald J. Trump has been indicted in a New York City criminal court. He will be arraigned in Manhattan sometime next week. We were told it would likely be on Tuesday. Fake news CNN reported that he could face more than 30 charges. In a statement, Trump said: “Political persecution and election interference is at the highest level in history. From the time I descended the golden escalator in Trump Tower and even before I took my oath as President of the United States, Radical Left Democrats, the enemy of the hardworking men and women of this country, have engaged in a manhunt.” A witch to destroy the Make America Great Again movement. You remember it just as well as I do: Russia, Russia, Russia; the Mueller hoax; Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine; one impeachment hoax, the second impeachment hoax; the illegal, unconstitutional Mar-a-Lago raid; and now this.”

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He’s right. After years of partisan witch-hunts, Manhattan and Alvin BraggHe has literally thrown the rule of law to the wind for a cheap act of petty political revenge, and has now taken the criminalization of political differences to a whole new level. This is disgusting. It is a disgusting political job, the likes of which have never been seen in this country. This has never happened before. Now Pandora’s Box has officially opened. We have a new era of political revenge and an armed justice system upon all of us now. And tonight, the exact counts—they say up to 34—are unknown, but they seem to stem from what’s complex, what’s called, what we call the new legal theory that far-left DA Alvin Bragg is using to incriminate what? A non-disclosure agreement from seven years after the statute of limitations, investigated to death, dismissed by the Department of Justice, the Mueller investigation, the FEC, Bragg’s predecessor and even initially by Bragg himself. This is by no means a strong case, and frankly, no fair, honest, or honorable defense attorney would press these charges, or, in James Comey’s infamous words, no prosecutor would ever prosecute such a petty and weak case.

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