Traditional values disappearing from American culture: Young people are taught ‘America is a bad country’

Fox News co-host Katie Pavlich explains why traditional values ​​are disappearing in America Monday on “The Five.” A new Wall Street Journal-NORC poll finds that the values ​​that once defined the United States don’t seem to matter to Americans today.

Katie Pavelic: The government has ruined young people’s futures through the decisions they’ve made, whether it’s in education or simply excluding the big life events like graduating from college, high school state championships – the things that shape you as a person for your future that have been thrown away through the years to Snobby COVID policyBe it at the federal or state level. But when it comes to the question that arises about being an American, when all institutions, government agencies, colleges, and even K-12 elementary education teach young people that America is a bad country – \ We should not be so surprised that there are no feelings of patriotism. , especially since they are young and have not traveled to the rest of the world to see how the rest of the world works.

Why do so many Gen Z hate America? hereWhy can’t we abandon them

So I’m not talking about going to – even Europe – although Europe will make you appreciate America. But going to third world countries or seeing the desperation of the rest of the world, or seeing the good things America is doing around the world. The other thing I would say is that we did Focus a lot on fairness, Four years ago people said tolerance was 80%; 80% of people say it is very important to them.

Now it’s down 58%. They were pushing equality as if it would make everyone more tolerant. It actually requires everyone They discriminate against each other And to see each other as their differences, rather than the same, because you look for certain characteristics rather than judging everyone by the same standard. And the people who work hard reach the top. Instead, we all judge each other by what makes us so different rather than the same.

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