Utah ‘powercloud’ avalanche caught on camera: ‘It’s gonna pummel us’

Avalanche “powercloud” in Utah Caught on camera this week.

The video, also shared by the Utah Avalanche Center on Monday, shows the moment when huge white clouds race down Provo’s Timpanogos Mountain toward a group of skiers.

Among those skaters is user @th0mas.farley, who shared the video. The group was at the Sundance Resort.

“What the hell bro. This is one of the biggest avalanches I’ve ever seen in real life,” said the user.

2 skiers killed in massive avalanches late winter in Colorado

An avalanche hurtles down Mount Timpanogos

An avalanche hurtles down Mount Timpanogos (@th0mas.farley via Storyful)

“You will hit us, brother,” he said. “Dude, I hope no one falls into Boot Hill.”

Then the white cloud engulfs the snow-covered hills where the video was shot.

So said the Utah Avalanche Center Avalanche was normal It came from the “middle finger” on the mountain.

“Avalanche debris stopped in the Dry Lakes area adjacent to the ski area, but the dust cloud persisted for hundreds of yards,” she said in a Facebook post.

Giant snow clouds approach the hills where the skiers are standing

Giant snow clouds approach the hills where the skiers are standing (@th0mas.farley via Storyful)

Another strong season in the Pacific is approaching a California storm

Sundance Resort tweeted Monday night that the avalanche has moved to an area outside the ski area’s bounds.

“The footage shows the dust/wind cloud reaching the guests who were watching, but no one was hurt because the deposition area did not reach our borders,” she said. “We stayed open all day and hope you’ll join us tomorrow for more amazing skiing and ascents. We are so grateful to the amazing ski patrols who work so hard to ensure the safety of our mountain.”

Snow fills the frame of the video as an avalanche hits the ridge

Snow fills the frame of the video as an avalanche hits the ridge (@th0mas.farley via Storyful)

Farley said that although the avalanche did not reach the confines of the resort, the powder cloud and He kept the group covered in snow For a minute or two, according to Storyful.

The Timpanogos is located in the Wasatch Range at an elevation of 11,750 feet. It is the second highest mountain in the range.


The Timpanogos avalanche was one of three reported in the state Monday, including an avalanche in Salt Lake caused by a skier.

it was there 21 deaths due to avalanche in the United States in the 2022 to 2023 season, including one reported in Utah’s Upper Weber Canyon earlier in the month, according to a list of avalanche deaths compiled by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. From 2021 to 2022, there were 17 deaths.

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