Voice cloning is the new weapon in scammers’ arsenal for family emergency schemes


Voice reproduction is becoming increasingly popular And with remarkable accuracy through the use of artificial intelligence technology. However, as with any technological advancement, there will always be those who seek to use it for malicious motives.

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In this case, scammers are now using voice reproduction to trick you into believing that you are getting calls from your loved ones or friends When in reality you are being targeted by a fraudulent scheme.

With these scams on the rise, it is extremely important that you are aware of the risks associated with audio reproduction technology and that you take steps to protect yourself from these scam negatives.

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A sad woman on the phone thinks she's getting a phone call from a loved one when she's a voice prankster.

A sad woman on the phone thinks she’s getting a phone call from a loved one when she’s a voice prankster.

How do sound reproduction scams work?

Voice cloning is the creation of an artificial simulation of a person’s voice using artificial intelligence technology. Since the fraudster only needs a short amount of recorded speech to reproduce your voice, they can easily steal your voice and use it for whatever means they want.

Cyber ​​criminals can do this by calling You. If you answer an automated call and talk to an imposter, they can take that recording of your voice and use it as a way to imitate you. They can also get your voice heard through your social media, with many of you taking videos of yourself and posting them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the world to see.

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A man receives a phone call from a scammer.

A man receives a phone call from a scammer.

Once they have a voice, they can Call a family member Or a friend of the person’s voice who stole it and pretended to be that person. This way, the person on the other line will believe they are someone they know and will more easily agree to provide money or other personal information over the phone.

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How can I protect myself from an audio cloning scam?

One way to do this is Never answer the phone number of someone you don’t know. Spam calls are the perfect way to Hackers to get hold of of your voice, and they only need to keep you on the phone for a few minutes.

Be careful what you post online. I know we all love to share videos of the good times with our loved ones on our social accounts, however, you should consider making your account or those specific posts private so that only people you are friends with can see them.

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A man answers the phone realizing he is being scammed by voice scammers.

A man answers the phone realizing he is being scammed by voice scammers. (CyberGuy.com)

also considered Remove your personalized voicemail from your cell phone And go with the system salutation or default welcome message so scammers can’t steal your voice from your voicemail message and use it for their voice cloning scam.

Finally, if someone calls you and asks for money, even if it sounds like someone you know, Don’t trust him. Especially if your “lover” is calling from a number you don’t know. Hang up and call their personal phone number or cell phone instead.

By taking these steps to protect yourself, you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of an audio cloning scam. Remember, if something seems fishy or too good to be true, it probably is.

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