WILL CAIN: Alvin Bragg is beyond the law

Fox News host Will Kane calls out Manhattan da Alvin Bragg for his efforts to incriminate former President Donald Trump for “Jesse Watters PeakBragg’s saying “beyond the law” appears to be.

it will be: The only person with less credibility than Stormy is the District Attorney, Alvin Bragg. It was his number one issue in his campaign Trump arrest.

It’s issue number one – not arresting the killers, not stopping the subway attacks. “Get Trump.” Now, Bragg has kept his promise. It will now be in the history books. All Prague had to do was destroy everything that separates us from third world countries, but the media says this case is very solid: “No one is above the law.”

Mike Pence Responds to Trump’s Pointer: He’s ‘Returning’

How do they do it? Single cell mind, misdemeanor exceeded statute of limitations. Indeed, this may be the case Alvin Bragg Outside the law and Nancy Pelosi, for that matter, is someone who cares nothing about the law. It says Trump is guilty until proven innocent.

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“The grand jury acted on facts and the law. No one is above the law and everyone has the right to a trial to prove their innocence,” she wrote on Twitter. to prove innocence. Turning the American standard of justice on its head.

A Country Where You Are Innocent Until Proven When It Comes To Donald Trump by Nancy Pelosi. Can we use this criterion, this same criterion for the Clintons? What about Biden? What about stains? Why don’t you prove you’re not insider trading, Nancy? America did not operate in the past this way. I think this is how it will work in the future. If you defy standing Washington, they dance in the streets after your blood is spilled.

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