How to check the owner's name for a mobile SIM

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How to Check the Owner’s Name for a Mobile SIM
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Anonymity of a SIM card owner can be suspicious and provide a shield for criminals, trolls and scammers. In Pakistan it is mandatory for you to go through the SIM card registration process in order to protect your identity from misuse. According to a policy issued by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), you can’t have more than 5 SIMs registered under your name. You should, therefore, know how to check the owner’s name for a mobile SIM in order to ensure nobody is misusing your name for any illegal activities. 

If you don’t know how the process of verifying owner’s name for a mobile SIM works in Pakistan, then you have come to the right page. Here is a detailed guide to the process.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Check the Owner’s Name for a Mobile SIM

check the owner's name for a mobile SIM
How to check the owner’s name for a mobile SIM

You just have to follow a simple three-step process for how to check the owner’s name for a mobile SIM

  • In order to check your CNIC number against the issued sim, send a message to 668
  • You don’t have to write anything in the message box
  • In case your phone doesn’t allow you to send any message then write anything within the message body and send it back to 668
  • You will receive a reply on this message, which will show the list of all the numbers or SIMs issued on your CNIC

If the number of SIMs registered on your CNIC is more than the number of SIMs you currently use or if you find an unknown number on the list, you must contact the Customer Service Centre of the respective cellular company.

How to Check the Owner’s Name for a Mobile SIM via PTA’s Website?

check owner's name for mobile sim
Check the owner’s name for mobile SIM via PTA Credit: FB/PTA

If you want to verify the SIM’s registration online, then visit the PTA’s website. Click on SIM Information System and fill out your CNIC number. Enter the recaptcha to verify that you are not a robot. If you are a foreign national, then click on foreign ID. Once you have entered your CNIC details, it will lead you to another page where details of the number of SIMs registered against your name are shared as shown in the picture below.

Check the number of SIMs registered on your phone
Check the number of SIMs registered on your phone Credit: FB/PTA

What is SIM Cloning?

You should also be aware of SIM cloning. It is basically the process in which a SIM card gets duplicated. Once the cloning is done, the information on the cloned SIM card is then transferred onto a separate SIM card. The second card can be placed in a different phone which means all calls and associated charges will then be attributed to the original SIM card.

If you ever feel carried out using your number or anyone informs you about receiving a call from your number when actually you didn’t make the call, then make sure to contact the relevant cellular companies so that they are notified that it is not you making the calls. Any criminal activity can take place through a cloned SIM and that is why it is imperative to check SIM card’s registered number. You will know the number of SIMs registered on your ID card.

Sim Verification Process According to PTA

According to the website of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), you need to follow these steps for verifying the SIM on your ID card number. 

  • Mobilink – Customer can check whether their phone number is registered on their CNIC number or not by sending their CNIC number at 6001 from a SIM registered on the same CNIC number 
  • Telenor – The customer will send an SMS to 7751. In reply the system tells the customer if the number in use is biometrically verified or not. If you send an SMS to 7750 it tells the customer of the nearest Telenor office location
  • Ufone – Dial a code *336#, a menu will appear at which Type 1. You will receive the verification status of your number
  • Warid – For Warid customers, you must send message to 789 through your primary verified number and in return the sender will receive the status of numbers against his/her CNIC along with the verification stats. 

So, we hope this comprehensive guide on how to check the owner’s name for a mobile SIM was helpful. Make sure you take a look at our detailed guide on Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) mobile registration process. In previous blogs, we have also explained in detail on how to check your IMEI status online in Pakistan. Moreover, Zameen’s blog on PTA’s guidelines on how to block stolen phones is also quite useful. For more of such informative posts, stay tuned to the best real estate blog in Pakistan. Don’t forget to write to us at and we will surely get back to you. Subscribe to the Zameen Newsletter appearing on the right hand side of the page.

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