Multan Postal Codes: A Comprehensive Guide

In our fast-paced world, where messages and packages traverse vast distances at the speed of light, the role of varying postal codes for different cities, such as Multan postal codes, might seem rather mundane. Postal codes are like the magical spells in the world of mail and package delivery. They ensure that your letters and parcels travel safely and accurately to their intended destinations, connecting people and businesses across the globe with the precision and reliability of a well-crafted enchantment.

For anyone contemplating sending a letter or package to Multan, knowing the correct postal code is paramount. It’s like the secret handshake that ensures your mail is promptly routed to the correct part of the city. To make this process a breeze, here’s a comprehensive list of Multan postal codes.

Revolutionising Mail Delivery: The Introduction of Pakistan’s Postal Codes

On January 1, 1988, Pakistan embraced a transformative change with the introduction of postal codes, revolutionising mail sorting and delivery. These codes were meticulously crafted to align with specific post offices responsible for timely mail delivery, whether to residences, offices, industries, rural areas, or PO Boxes.

This development is part of a larger story rooted in history. The Pakistan Post Office, one of South Asia’s oldest government departments, dates back to 1947 when it operated as the Department of Posts and Telegraph. In 1962, it gained independence from the Telegraph & Telephone, emerging as a dedicated postal service.

Timeless tradition of sending and receiving mail through the classic mailbox!

This journey reflects Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to improving mail delivery, resulting in the establishment and expansion of the essential postal code system, now an integral part of the country’s mail infrastructure.

Decoding Pakistan’s Postal Code System: A Regional Breakdown

In Pakistan, postal codes play a crucial role in precisely locating various regions within the country. These codes are structured in a way that the first two digits represent the province, while the following three digits specify the district or the associated post office, often referred to as General Post Offices (GPOs). Here’s a breakdown of how postal codes are assigned to different regions in Pakistan:

  • Balochistan: Postal codes ranging from 82xxx to 92xxx are allocated to Balochistan
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: The province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is denoted by postal codes from 19xxx to 29xxx
  • Punjab: Postal codes spanning from 30xxx to 64xxx are designated for Punjab
  • Sindh: Sindh is assigned postal codes from 65xxx to 79xxx
  • Islamabad: Islamabad features postal codes ranging from 44000 to 45320
  • Jammu and Kashmir: Despite ongoing conflicts, Pakistan extends postal services to the partially autonomous provinces of Jammu and Kashmir. Postal codes from 00010 to 12991 are reserved for these areas.

Multan Postal Codes 2023

Let’s have a look at the Multan postal codes valid in 2023:

Area Name Postal Code
Bangla More 59221
N. Medical College 6012
Bahadar Pur 59300
Basti Bump 59221
Bahauddin Zakaria University 60800
Ayazabad Marhal 59140
Basti Malook 59150
Budhla Sant 60060
Chak-379/WB 60030
Chamb Kalyar 59321
Dhanot 59330
Gulshan Mills 58211
Galay Wala 60010
Gulgasht Colony 60700
Chowki Masti Khan 59341
Industrial Estate 60900
Ismailabad 59200
Jalalpur Pirwala 59250
Javed Nagar 59050
Kadirpur Rawan 59000
Khan Bela 59260
Kotali Nijabat 59310
Lar 59130
Makhdum Rashid 59100
Matotli 59240
Multan Army Aviation Base 60050
Multan Fertilizer Project 59060
Multan Gpo 60000
Mumtaz Abad 60600
New Multan 60650
Piran Ghaib 59030
Secondary Board 60750
Shujabad 59220
Sikandar Abad 59210
Suraj Miani 59070
Tatepur 59020
Ganwen 59221
Gulgasht Colony 60700
Ghauspur Qureshian 59141
Ghazi Pur 60001
Ghazi Panda 59141
Jalalabad Shumali 59101
Gailewala 59311
Dhanar Wala 59221
Usmani Wala Po 6015

We’ve just wrapped up a comprehensive list of Multan postal codes for your convenience.

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