Premium Vertical Projects in Lahore

With its roots in antiquity, old world charm, literary heritage, and cultural scene, Lahore is beloved by many. It is the second most populous city in Pakistan and the 26th most populous city in the world with a population of over 13 million and counting.

The steady rise in the number of people living in or moving to Lahore can be attributed to many reasons, which could be worthy of a dedicated article (or perhaps a book) in itself. However, what we look at today is how Lahore rises to the challenge of providing a home to everyone who falls in love with this wonderful city and calls it home.

From bungalows to skyscrapers: Lahore goes vertical

The Old City – with all its Mughal architectural glory and penchant for wide open spaces – is no longer a viable option to meet the evolving needs of the city. With the land available for development shrinking rapidly and the prices of plots and maintenance of existing properties escalating, people are finding that vertical housing may be the answer to all their problems. Even with limited spaces, the newly introduced apartment projects offer a fully facilitated community lifestyle that has transformed each project into a progressive suburban community within its own walls.

In our capitalist economy where instant gratification is so desirable, premium real estate developers are bringing in international standards of living for Lahoritz’s pleasure. Residents of these stylish new apartment complexes enjoy a secure and hassle-free lifestyle as they have access to premium facilities like restaurants, grocery stores, retail outlets, fitness centers, day care facilities, swimming pool, sauna, coffee shop and the like in the same premises as their homes.

Vertical projects are enjoying huge success among the investors in Lahore

Here, we are listing a few such projects that have convinced people to opt for the branded apartment lifestyle where they can enjoy luxury like never before:

Gulberg city centre

Living in Gulberg City Centre, Lahore
A desirable skyscraper with an inventory of hotel suites, serviced apartments and commercial outlets.

Gulberg City Center claims a sought after location on Main Boulevard in Gulberg III. The 23-storey skyscraper offers an elegant inventory of hotel suites, hotel apartments, and business outlets. There is a guaranteed annual rental yield of 10% on the hotel apartments. As an added incentive, outlet buyers can also take advantage of the special offer to pay in 4 years and have their outlet in just 2 years.

Madison Square Mall

A stunning Greek-inspired development on Mian Mahmoud Ali Kasuri Road, Madison Square Mall offers exquisite hotel suites and retail outlets at a very prominent address. Rising 25 floors above the ground, the multi-purpose vertical development offers a guaranteed 10-12% rental yield for serviced apartments with a free 30-night voucher. For commercial buyers, they can take full advantage of our ‘Pay in 3.5 Years and Own in 1.5 Years’ offer.

quadrangular zamine

Real Estate in Zameen Quadrangle
Zameen Quadrangle in FBR Registered Project on Zafar Ali Main Road in Gulberg.

The FBR registered Zameen Quadrangle is situated on the main Zafar Ali road in Gulberg. With an extensive inventory that includes one, two and three bedroom apartments, along with exclusive penthouses, this apartment complex is the epitome of understated elegance. What then? Buyers can pay in 30 months, take possession in 15 months and move in on this community lifestyle project that has reinvigorated the concept of a central courtyard into a contemporary theme.

102 by Icon

102 by Icon is a luxury residential apartment and townhouse development on Raiwind Road, which has been so popular that the homes in the project have already sold out. At the moment, – the project’s official sales and marketing partner – has a limited inventory of two and three bedroom apartments. These units are available on a very convenient 5 years payment plan wherein the possession will be offered in 2.5 years. To further sweeten the pot, there is a complimentary furniture and finishing offer on offer. Interested buyers should take advantage of this offer as soon as possible.

Sitara Sirene Tower

Sitara Sirene Tower
Sitara Serene Tower is one of the projects of Sitara Heights (PVT) Limited.

Located in Block D1 of Gulberg 3, Sitara Serene Tower is a project of the veteran Sitara Heights (PVT) LTD. This stunning project has been approved by both the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and FBR and offers serviced apartments and serviced apartments. This project also provides a guaranteed rental return of 12% on hotels and hotel apartments. Ample commercial outlets are also a part of this project, which comes with a guaranteed rental yield of 8%.

Square Mall Suite

The Square Mall Pavilion is located in Block F of the Association of Architects and registered with the FBR. This stunning new development features a variety of tastefully designed one and two bedroom apartments boasting decent living arrangements. Due to the high demand for this project, only limited units are available. Buyers can receive a guaranteed rental yield of 7% until possession of a 100% cash payment.

Zamin New

The latest feather in the cap of Zameen Developments, this new smart residential complex is located in Gulberg 3. The one plus six storey building offers loft style apartments, recently introduced in Lahore. Buyers can choose between the stylish inventory of one, two and three bedroom apartments, which are equipped with all the latest amenities that can facilitate a contemporary and luxurious lifestyle.

We will be posting regular updates on these premium vertical projects in Lahore which are very popular and are selling at a fast pace with their prime location and premium amenities. If you are interested in any of these projects, get in touch with us via the attached inquiry form or WhatsApp code below. Stay tuned

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