Why Living in Gulberg Lahore is a Treat?

Lahore love. yes it is. Living on the outskirts of Lahore or in a busy old city has its pros and cons. It’s fun anyway; However, living in a mall that oozes luxury and connectivity, is a great feeling. Gulberg is an excellent example of a mall that has all the advantages and almost no drawbacks. Let’s discuss the joys of living in Manhattan (Gulberg) in New York (Lahore).

Benefit #1: Location, location, location

If Lahore is the heart of Pakistan, then Gulberg is the heart of Lahore. Smack in the middle, Gulberg is the most central location in town. Access to both sides of the city is a few kilometers away. If you have business in Old Lahore or a meeting in the suburbs of DHA, you are right in the middle.

Signless or easily signposted direct lanes to the residential areas of Model Town, Garden Town, Faisal Town and Johar Town can make your life less chaotic and more neat. If you want to go to the Old City, take the Jail Road or Ferozpur Road and you will find yourself at the pre-division gates of Lahore in just fifteen minutes. Take the metro or get on Canal Road to wherever you need to go in Lahore. If you live here, you live everywhere. Access is everything these days and Gulberg has it all.

Benefit #2: The commercial center of the city

Gulberg turned into a commercial center in Lahore. Whether corporate offices or business shopping headquarters, Gulberg is nothing but a huge business hub. It has Liberty Market, MM Alam Street, Main Market, Mini Market, Kasuri Road and Great Main Street as a shopping place for all social classes. Gulberg is home to modern malls like Al Fattah and Imtiaz, as well as old places like Shoppe and Enem Store. Huge clothing centers like Liberty, Auriga and Lahore center attract huge crowds of fashion-hungry people every day. We have Hafeez Center here, the commercial center for buying and selling hardware.

Gulberg houses a lot of corporate offices and different co-working spaces, which makes it a daily destination for thousands of white collar people. Zameen head office and our sales offices are located here in Gulberg. With the upcoming Central Business District, the importance of Gulberg will rise in the coming years. Living in Gulberg can save travel time and fuel costs for people who work in this busy mall.

Benefit #3: The ultimate food destination

Gulberg is home to the best restaurants and street food Dhabas in Lahore. Foodies of all kinds, be it fast food lovers or stash hunters, Gulberg can be your ultimate destination. Paratha Liberty rolls, samosas from Souq Ghalib, Halwa Puri Nashta from Kabri and Bindu Khan, and fish fry Bashir Dar Al Mahi at Hussain Chowk are some of the powerhouses you don’t want to miss. MM Alam’s fine dining experience at PF Changs, Mandarin Kitchen, Cosa Nostra etc. is also a great asset for the residents of Gulberg. The food street at Gaddafi Stadium is a phenomenon in itself where variety meets taste. The fast food scene is at its best with all the major local and international brands located here including McDonald’s, KFC, Howdy’s, OPTP, Subway, Broadway Pizza, Domino’s and many more.

Serving fine dining
Gulberg is also a place for fine dining

Living in Gulberg means great taste and variety. You will never get bored of the food here.

Benefit #4: Educational Center

Gulberg is full of educational institutions. From nurseries and kindergartens to colleges and universities, there is it all. Almost all the famous school systems like Beaconhouse, LGS, LACAS, City School, etc. are located in Gulberg with their multiple branches. Many state and private colleges are also located here. Women’s educational institutions such as Kennard, Lahore College, APWA and College of Home Economics are within easy reach.

Your children have a good variety of options for their educational needs if you live in Gulberg.

Benefit #5: Modern urban conveniences

Gyms, cinemas, parks, healthcare facilities, mosques, tourism projects. Utilities, you name it. All amenities are available in abundance here. There is never a shortage of activities for you and your family when you live in Gulberg

I can continue to take advantage of the benefits of living in Gulberg. The only problem is that there is a shortage of housing here. This shortfall is being filled by vertical housing projects in and around Gulberg. During your stay here, you will appreciate the value of your property greatly as well.

Below are links to some projects you may be interested in.

Here are some Residential rental property in Gulberg. Summing up, Gulberg Life is Lahore Life, get started. Remember, Lahore is love. yes it is.

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