Labour, Youths and Values

What is the perception of young people today about work and values?

Without an eyelid, would some of them help themselves to the public treasury if they had the opportunity and show off the money to those who were “less intelligent”?

Young people are regularly exposed to a disconcerting dilemma: they are advised by adults to embrace good morals and hard work, contrary to what they see and hear in the larger society.

A while ago, a teenager told his father that the eleventh commandment that day was, “You shall not be caught.” The father was terrified!

In my estimation, the young man was simply “deep” and telling the truth especially in an African setting where corruption is a huge problem.

And what results do we get? We face all the atrocities they commit.

Name it. Is it online fraud that is perpetrated among a few young people which is known as the “Yahoo Boys” syndrome in Nigeria.

What about other vices such as theft and assassinations (I think the sheikhs are not directly involved in this act)

What really interests our young people these days? For a change there is different

Reality TV show about business and management. I wonder how popular this is with young people when compared to the “big brother” type.

This could be a global challenge experienced by a famous American TV icon.

She claimed that some of the students she visited in a few schools in the United States – to offer a scholarship – on inquiry indicated that they preferred I-pods and sneakers while some poor children in South Africa would be happy if they could pay the school fees. Free books in check out.

The latter option she finally implemented with $40 million of her own money in January 2007, by building an excellent school for poor girls with above-average academic performance.

So what can we say about young people in many countries?

What can we say about our youth’s awareness of values ​​and the dignity of work.

What I can understand is that they want to be empowered by honest and pragmatic policies that will help them redirect their energies to getting the “good stuff” for themselves as elsewhere and catapulting the country into riches by providing jobs.

For example, there is “work” everywhere in black Africa but no block jobs for unemployed youth.

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