Study in New Zealand to Give Your Education a Whole New Dimension

New Zealand’s effectiveness in learning first has been highlighted recently since the education structure in this English-speaking country is centered on British standards. Hence, scholars from the rest of the English-speaking countries will feel that courses in the best universities in New Zealand are not a problem to take on. Known for its great outdoors and stunning scenery, and teeming with cafeterias, nightclubs, and restaurants, the country is also known for its presence in the field of higher education. As said by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, notable urban centers that attract the majority of international students include Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

Students looking to study in New Zealand can attend institutions such as the University of Auckland, University of Lincoln, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Canterbury. Although there are quite a few other institutes available to the aspirants, the names above belong to the list of best universities in New Zealand.

If you have a strong desire to study in New Zealand, then you should definitely consider the University of Auckland (UoA), which is currently the largest higher education institution with over 39,000 students enrolled. The university has 1 campus in central Auckland and 4 other campuses for students with majors. There are more than 5,000 foreign students from more than 90 countries pursuing various programs in this educational institution. You can take your pick from a wide range of courses offered in arts, sciences, education, business, medical and health sciences, engineering, bioengineering, and theology. UoA is ranked high in the list of the best universities in the world, as prepared by a famous rating organization.

Founded in 1897, Victoria University of Wellington takes its name from Queen Victoria. This long standing institution is made up of 8 faculty departments such as Science, Law Practice, Architecture and Design, Education, Commerce and Management, Graduate Research, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Engineering Sciences. Among all these departments, Architecture and Design has sealed its exclusivity by transforming the main hub in New Zealand. Located in the New Zealand capital, the university offers a lively atmosphere both on and off campus. It ensures that scholars not only gain a deep understanding of their disciplines, but apply their understanding to their disciplines as well.

Located in Christchurch, an industrial city in the midst of a wealthy farming region, the University of Canterbury was founded in 1873. Initially known as Canterbury College, it ranks among the best universities in New Zealand due to its forward-looking research facilities, and large group of encouraging colleges. The university provides quality education to more than 3,000 foreign students and 21,000 domestic students.

Various scholarships in New Zealand can be fruitful for the researchers by reducing their financial burden. However, you have to apply for this financial aid much earlier due to their fixed seating. International students can benefit from a maximum of 28 scholarships each year. The most popular scholarships in New Zealand include the New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) and the Animal Emissions Research Network (LEARN) Fellowships.

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