The 411 on Your GPA: Understanding the Importance of Your Grade Point Average

Understand your GPA

Through high school and college, your grades will work together to form your GPA. High school semester grades are used on your transcript. Term grades are used to calculate your annual GPA and final GPA. Your semester grades are also the grades your college will see when they look at your transcript. Your GPA is usually noted at the bottom of your transcript as well. Here’s how it works:

AA = 4 points

SB = 3 points

QC = 2 points

x d = 1 point

o F = 0 points

To calculate your GPA, you will take a report card or transcript. For every A you add 4 points, for every B you add 3 points, etc. After you have collected all of your points, you will then divide that number by the number of craft scores you have. The score will be your GPA or grade point average.

Some schools may count a plus and a minus, such as an A+ or a B-. This will modify your points somewhat and they may be calculated differently. Here’s how to calculate this situation:

xa = 4.0

x a- = 3.75

SB + = 3.25

SB = 3.0

SB- = 2.75

o C + = 2.25

QC = 2

x C- = 1.75

x d + = 1.25

x d = 1.0

x F = 0

These schools may also count the number of credits attempted. In this case, it will take your grade points multiplied by the credits earned and the score is the number of credits you have earned. You will then take that number and divide it by the number of credits tried.

You will want to earn as many points as possible. Even if you did poorly in a class, it’s better to get a D than an F. Zero points from an F will hurt you more in the long run, and one point from a D might actually help you a little. You will get no credit for the chapters you fail and a little credit is better than none.

You’ll always want to try to maintain a GPA above 3.0 in high school and above 2.5 in college. If you’re having problems in class, keep working as hard as you can. Every semester you take in high school or college will be found in your transcript. You will need to obtain a copy of your transcript each year to ensure that your grades are correct.

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