Wuhan University Faculty List 2023

List of Faculty Members of Wuhan University 2023

Wuhan University admits many students every year MA and Ph.D under Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC). to apply to CSC Scholarship 2023 Applicants must obtain it first Acceptance speech. Below I am sharing the list of faculty members of different departments of Wuhan University. Applicants are encouraged to contact potential professors regarding their fields and try to obtain an acceptance letter.

  1. School of Philosophy
  2. School of foreign languages ​​and literature
  3. Art School
  4. School of Chinese Language and Literature
  5. College of Economics and Administration
  6. School of Law
  7. Marxist school
  8. Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration
  9. School of Sociology
  10. College of Information Management
  11. School of Mathematics and Statistics
  12. Faculty of Physics and Technology
  13. College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences
  14. College of Life Sciences
  15. College of Resources and Environmental Sciences
  16. College of Power and Mechanical Engineering
  17. College of Electrical Engineering
  18. Faculty of Civil Engineering
  19. College of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
  20. Electronic Information School
  21. College of Computer Science
  22. College of Internet Science and Engineering
  23. Faculty of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering
  24. School of Geodesy and Geomatics
  25. School of printing and packaging
  26. medical school
  27. Medical Research Institute
  28. College of Basic Medical Sciences
  29. College of Health Sciences
  30. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  31. Dental College (Dental Hospital)

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